About The Author/About The Book

A child of God, disturbed and disgusted like many of you, by the state of religion, as opposed to the living word Jesus authored. More on this to come.
I Am an accomplished guitarist and song writer, this being worthless in our day where the information age and piracy not only among Napster users, but the online outlets seeming primarily concerned with the well being of all except the artists who have produced the art these pirates used for near free.
A mechanical engineer as his father before him. Stepping into the batter’s box, against all odds, pointing at center field as his boyhood hero, the Babe. Hitting it clean out of the park, the most successful Pro Se counsel in US History, winning twice in federal court (2003) without a lawyer.  This home run and the second, after accurately predicting to a thousand people, “the Lord says he will deliver me.”

Religion’s response?

Since the deliverance, the hard working family man has joyously shared with his wife the arrival of eleven grandchildren, hopefully with another couple on the way.  The Lord is good.

The LORD Speaks: “Remember this, fix it in your mind,take it to heart, you rebels. … I am God, and there is no other; … I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come.”  In Misquoting Logic the author lays out specific predictions from scripture, utilizing the math, OBJECTIVELY PROVING, GOD indeed spoke accurately:  1) Destruction of Israel (606 B.C.); 2) Rebirth of Israel (1948); 3)  Retaking of Jerusalem (1967); 4) Birth of the United States of America (1776); 5) Abomination of Desolation (688 A.D.); 6) Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem (32 A.D.); Twin Towers, “Smoke of her Burning” City of Power, clothed in Red White and Blue (Revelation 18).

Chris Queen offers unique experience and expertise in law, mathematics and in scriptural prophetic understanding having experienced being carried along by the Holy Spirit, pointing at center field and stepping into the batters box and hitting it out of the park in federal court he confidently reveals the Holy Spirit’s working, speaking with authority.


“MISQUOTING LOGIC What Bart Ehrman Forgot To Tell You About The Coming Apocalypse And Your Place In It” is written to reveal the prophetic accuracy of the Bible, utterly refuting Ehrman (Circus Clown) claim the scriptures are not inspired.  The Lord himself boasts that he “tells the end from the beginning in regard to actual world history.” Chris Queen lays out the clear historical evidence from the Bible. The statistical impossibility shown in numerous specific and actual accurate Bible predictions, proving that the God of the Bible is in fact God Almighty, creator of heaven and earth, who desires mercy.

The math problems derived from timelines in the Bible, are laid out in this book as, concrete evidence that prophets, angels and the LORD himself, specifically predicted things that would occur, there also dated, long in the future of these speakers, and they did occur, right on time, as written, and the writings themselves are documented as historical records from thousands of years before the events they specifically foretold.

Strong dose of faith building and a deeper understanding of scripture and relationship between the Old and New Testaments, for those already in the faith. Potent inoculation from the errant ideas of alleged experts, immunizing adults, high school and college students, subjected to claims based on these experts’ failures in considering objective evidence outside their narrow views.  Ignoring evidence?  That’s called ignorance!

Dedicated to M. Lee Queen and Juanita Queen May 2017.