Rebirth of Israel 1948

Rebirth of Israel Author Chris Queen In 1948 Israel was reborn as a modern nation just as several of the prophets from Moses onward said would occur after the dispersion of Israel throughout the nations to the far ends of the earth. Ezekiel lay upon his side(s) as commanded by God, a day for a year, symbolizing 430 years of Israel’s and Judah’s remaining punishment with 70 years then already served per Jeremiah’s prophecy.

Therefore with 360 years remaining per the original instructions from the Lord. But Ezekiel’s 360 years came and went without the return.  The Lord had prophesied through Moses seven times the punishment for failing in sincere return to the Lord.  The 360 years therefore became seven times 360 and Israel did not re-emerge, per God’s prophecy to Moses, until 2520 years had elapsed in 1948 as Moses through Ezekiel specifically and accurately predicted.

Israel was reborn as a modern nation per recognition of the also prophesied United States and the United Nations on May 15, 1948, there in one day as predicted by Isaiah in Is. chapter 66.

The Lord had told his prophet he would in later days not be known as the God who led Israel out of Egypt; rather “The God who regathered his people Israel and brought them back to dwell in the land of their fathers.”  That is where they are today in 2017.

Moses, Jeremiah, Amos, Ezekiel and Isaiah along with other prophets had predicted the restoration of Israel after the dispersion caused by Israel’s disobedience.

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