Misquoting Logic What Bart Ehrman Forgot To Tell You About The Coming Apocalypse And Your Place In It by Chris Queen is a unique and powerful book revealing that everything about the gospel is foretold in the Old Testament including the deity of Christ, claimed, in ridiculous error, as a later addition by Ehrman.  The straight forward mathematical timelines in the Bible reveal from the simple word problems from the pages of scripture that God has accurately and specifically “told the end from the beginning from ancient times what is yet to come” including the specifically predicted birth of the United States, reemergence of Israel and retaking of the temple.  Ehrman’s claim, the scriptures are not inspired makes him look like a circus clown next to the overwhelming objective evidence.

The author is a child of God, accomplished guitarist, mechanical engineer and the most successful Pro se counsel in U.S. History, winning twice in federal court (2003) without a lawyer, accurately predicting to a thousand people, “the Lord says he will deliver me.”  Post Deliverance, the hard working family man has joyously shared with his wife the arrival of ten grandchildren with number eleven on the way.  The Lord is good.

Chris Queen offers unique experience and expertise in law, mathematics and in scriptural prophetic understanding, having experienced being carried along by the Holy Spirit, pointing at center field and stepping into the batter’s box and hitting it out of the park, as he predicted, in federal court, he confidently reveals the Holy Spirit’s working, speaking with authority.

The author was raised on the run during the space program of the 1960’s moving across the western United States while his genius (missile man) father defended the free world and helped to land Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren in the Sea of Tranquility on the moon in 1969.  Dedicated to M. Lee Queen and Juanita Queen.  May 2017.