USELESS ANEMIC VISION: Here’s what’s wrong. Divisiveness from seminaries enthroning the diverse doctrines of men placed where the cross of Christ his death and resurrection and the gift of the Holy Spirit thereby in grace through faith in Jesus’ completed work there.
LITTLE FRUIT: The progeny of these rigid bastions of rigid theological prowess, though bear little fruit because the focus is not upon the cross and Jesus’ commandment to love one another, except where relations are concerned one to another adding features related to Aaron in Moses’ Law (incest) to the divisive mechanization’s. The worship leader is nephew of the wife of the pastor, his sister the church secretary and so on, and so on leaving us with inbred religion in the place of the river of living water and equal concern for all.
FACILITIES: Light shows, Projection machines, guitar bands reminiscent of Branson Missouri or Las Vegas. New buildings, new roofs remodeling projects and pet projects of leaders and of course world missions, the only thing justifying such huge expense, since it is the Lord’s command.
Meanwhile, here in the information age a pastor I know saying proudly 192 people were saved or rededicated their lives to Christ this year a tiny result for which we are thankful ($ 5,000.00 per copy, from right next door). Well this is Jesus’ body. However, one person, educated, apparently as imposter in their seminaries, kissed as minister material and the Ivy League (Princeton) has through academic network, professors requiring students purchase his books, sold 20,000,000 books plus now mis-educating the young in his claims as textual critic that the Bible is not authentic or reliable and that Jesus as a failed apocalyptic prophet merely died like everyone else ever born on the earth.
CHURCH LEADERSHIP DOES NOT GET IT: So it’s up to us laymen to go direct. Run the end around. Mobilize, adapt overcome. Support each other in the arena of social media. A friend is a fairly famous Christian Recording Artist since 1970, whom you’d perhaps recognize if I dropped his name. He told me a few days ago he sold only 20 copies of his CD’s last month. Of course Christian Music has been reduced to downsized worship music by, for, and to the Christians in church with no regard for the lost sinners whom Jesus died to save. THE GREAT OMISSION! Worship is very good, but incessant celebration where there is little to celebrate in regard to new believers made alive in Christ is not what the gospel is supposed to be.
No wonder Ehrman and his ilk are having such success in drawing young Christians and the unsaved to the “powerful delusion.” My third book is 55 pages long and will soon be available (E book only) for $ 2.99 on Amazon etc., etc., etc. In this third book we find but three main characters: 1) Jesus speaking at Matthew 24 (33 A.D.) of the abomination of desolation spoken of by the prophet Daniel, let the reader understand; 2) Daniel in a vision receiving a riddle about the very thing Jesus spoke about in Mt. 24; (about 600 years before Jesus spoke); and, 3) John (Revelation 11) in 90 AD (60 years after Jesus spoke) was given a reed and told to measure the temple, except the outer court given to the Gentiles.
MIRACULOUSLY: Jesus saying the abomination of desolation would “be set up” (altar) in the holy place (temple) Daniel speaking to the liberation of the temple and John in also in his 42 months prediction of the city being trampled upon the Gentiles. Those are mathematic word problems in Daniel 12: 11, 2 and Revelation 11. The solutions land precisely on the timeline of world history together and exactly where Jesus said it would be and what function is would serve, causing need for those in Jerusalem to flee. The very simple math is in the books.
But the question for the deluded is put forth to Ehrman himself, in the conclusion of the book, DIRECTLY CHALLENGING EHRMAN HIMSELF, Tell us Bart, how do these skeptics explain Jesus pointed 600 in the past to Daniel, when predicted events (Daniel) and John also prophesied and they all 3 correlate across 1200 years the prophets both speaking riddles that would prove all three speak by the Spirit of truth. I will be doing videos soon that will make these facts clear and plain.

Author: genuinearticlex7

Author of Misquoting Logic What Bart Ehrman Forgot To Tell You About The Coming Apocalypse And Your Place In It and Misquoting Calculus What Isaac Newton Tried To Tell Bart Ehrman and Misquoting Calculus What Isaac Newton Tried To Tell Bart Ehrman.