Only hurts when you sit still, move, cough, laugh, breathe, lay down or sit still.  Happened May 30, 2018.  Caused a desperate search for online business to pay the bills.  Found “Rory’s Rickshaw” sold as a luxury cruise.  Can you make money there?  YES I paid $ 440.00 and made $ 375.00 back in five months.  I have sales experience and learned there, that I am a very good at customer service retention.  But they, as probably all, over promise and under deliver on training.  What made me most of my money back was the sales skills I brought to “Rory’s Rickshaw” (RRR247) with me to begin with.  But I am not primarily interested in selling wine, and certainly not any $ 59.00 cans of miracle weight loss instant coffee.  Instant coffee for $ 59.00 per can?  Insanity!  Reality, weight is a matter of thermodynamic summing.  Chris Queen (BSME).  Stands for Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.  I’m smart!  “If I Only Had a Brain.” (From The Wizard of Oz).  Thermodynamic summing inasmuch as energy added must be used or as matters under conservation of energy and conservation of mass, your body grows chubby.  It’s that simple.  Nutrition, I believe, can aid with efficiency, but the equation must balance.


So I have expanded my horizons due to the broken ribs.  Integrity, demanded that when Rory shut me down for being assertive, with he and Borus (his hatchet man) and their cohort Natasha, that I begin, as I did with my fifteen students, to tell the world:  “Where Rory can shut you down at a moment’s notice, you DO NOT OWN ANY BUSINESS.”  Now it has happened again with Wobbly Affiliate, another error.   Best advice:  Send me $ 100.00 per month and I will get you a website with the Premium Plan at WordPress that costs me only 100.00 per year and I will make 900.00 per year.  Add it up.  Rather just go and pay 100.00 to WordPress and get their Premium support with whom I am again working to expand and build my own business.  Amazon has an affiliate program for free.  I can easily show you how to add their links to your own website.  I’m smart.  Soon I will be doing videos to show you how to do things like placing affiliate links or better yet your own links into simple websites, etc.  Online Coach.  Tip # 1:  Don’t Waste Your Money on the fraudulent foolishness, so common in our day.


I intend to write more, perhaps later today, on the subjects of my newfound interest in health pursuits, due to discovering high blood sugar is upon me … you?  I have found some very interesting facts regarding this widespread health concern.  That information and the cure I will share soon.  I will be sharing my link to my recordings here now: (copy and paste into your browser and listen to the samples.)  Please buy as many of them as you like.


The facts are, I was long ago accused falsely.  Reason I overcame in the end.  Taking the very bad advice of an alleged professional attorney (experts) I took a plea.  That due to other circumstances ended my engineering career.  No big deal I am still a stellar engineer.  Now, we need to look at the real troubles caused by lawyers, police and courts for their own failure to obey the law???  “Lawbreaker Your Honor.”  Later accused in a federal matter, the Lord who “really sees” spoke to me deliverance and I took him at his word.  I predicted to a thousand people, many religious among them, “The Lord Says He Will Deliver Me.”  On May 5, 2003, I won victory number 1.  That without a lawyer having recorded my own “public pretender” telling me to “F-off” in a three way call and sending 9 copies to the Justices of the Rhenquist Court, being allowed to represent myself.  Then again on Friday June 13, 2003 (extra grace day) I won federal district Court Victory number 2.


The seminarily confused need to read the entire book more carefully.  I invite you to read my books:  Title 1:  “Misquoting Logic What Bart Ehrman Forgot To Tell You About The Coming Apocalypse And Your Place In It.”  Title 2:  “What Isaac Newton Tried To Tell Bart Ehrman.”  Written by Chris Queen.  


Get my third title free:  “What The Son Of God Told Bart Ehrman.”  A book that will in 66 pages show you without any doubt and my substantive evidence that someone named “The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who has regathered his people Israel and Brought Them Back To Dwell In The Land Of Their Fathers” has indeed sent his Son to take away the sins of the whole world.  He told history in advance as he once cause me to do and he led me here to write all of this.  So if you’d like the free PDF go to contact and leave me your name and E mail address and I will send you a copy soon.  Glorify Your Name Lord.  Speak For Your Servant Hears.  CQ 11/20/2018




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Author of Misquoting Logic What Bart Ehrman Forgot To Tell You About The Coming Apocalypse And Your Place In It and Misquoting Calculus What Isaac Newton Tried To Tell Bart Ehrman and Misquoting Calculus What Isaac Newton Tried To Tell Bart Ehrman.