Any doctor will tell you Type II Diabetes is caused by poor diet.  Edu-Indoctrinated Experts (EIE’s) here, an entire field of geniuses, down at the AMA, ADA, Universities, Medical Schools etc., and most doctors will then turn around and inform you, in their collective brainwashed ignorance (Twenty First Century definition of ignorance:  Ignoring the facts!) as they have told the entire world, because that’s what they were taught:  “Type II Diabetes is caused by poor diet … bang your head on the desk … remember that, yet is, antithetically, a progressive chronic disease that cannot be cured.”  Er, Uh, which is it?  Dr. Jason Fung (Canadian Physician) has pioneered an old/new idea, from logical thinking and observation, that is beginning to catch on, more swiftly outside the medical community, it seems, than inside, though research is beginning to light the way.  Can’t make any money or get research dollars for “free” non Pharmaceutical cures.


Remember in the past the entire academic world, of those days, believed Ptolemy and Aristotle’s conceptual model of the universe was correct, for centuries, until Copernicus reasoned it more correctly and then Galileo thought out and built the first telescope, showing, with evidence, Aristotle’s error.  The educated blindly follow suit when their instructors speak.  It is really not anyone’s fault.  That is what we have all been taught to do, without much free thinking.  Remember, It is the truth that will set you free.


In the early 19th Century there was no understanding of the difference in Type I (pancreatic disorder) and Type 2 (adult onset, caused by diet).  Go ahead … bang your head on the desk … cured, in our day, “only they say” by slow death through the pharmaceutical model, by ever increasing overdose of insulin, or similar drugs to combat insulin resistance … the vicious “gasoline on the fire” irrational cycle.  Diabetes, interpreted together as one, the two diseases (early 19th Century) according to Dr. Fung, were treated identically.  Little controlled research has been done because the medical model we have is the pharmaceutical model.  Can’t make any money without prescribed drugs, therefore drugs must be prescribed.  To put out the fire with gasoline.


Dr. Fung noted those who undergo bariatric surgery (stomach stapling) are cured, nearly always, permanently, of the Type 2 diabetes.  They can no longer eat enough to continue to perpetuate their body’s insulin resistance, ending the vicious cycle.  Therefore, he reasoned (a rare gift) diet being the cause, logically, it also must be the answer, as the bariatric surgery evidence substantively proves.  Dr. Jason Fung is Galileo!


CNN:  “The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 9.4% of Americans — about 30.3 million people — have diabetes, and nearly a quarter of those are undiagnosed.  Ninety to 95% of those cases are Type 2 diabetes.  An additional 33.9% of the population, or 84.1 million people, have prediabetes, the agency says.

“Diabetes is the No. 1 cause of kidney failure, lower-limb amputations, and adult-onset blindness,” the CDC says.”  CNN
Quote:  “”People are focused on giving drugs to Type 2 diabetes, but it’s a dietary disease,” said study author Dr. Jason Fung, medical director of the Intensive Dietary Management Program in Toronto.”

Dr. Fung has done a pilot test using three male subjects all diagnosed with type 2 diabetes for decades.  All three went on the controlled fasting under Dr. Fung’s care one of these being taken off insulin (as all of them were, permanently) after only 18 days, after decades of use.  Clearly evidenced, the low carbohydrate, including no simple carbohydrates modified fasting, and their experience with these will very likely, this author suspects, keep them off of insulin for the remainder of their lives.  The author, here, points out it is likely “if we stop eating the garbage prepared, processed and prescribed for us under the FDA and USDA’s supervision our bodies (add moderate exercise) will no longer operate like a dump.” (CQ 2018).

Here is Dr. Jason Fung in his own words.  You should watch this entire 36 minute video for the beginnings of a good understanding, if you a family member or a friend have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.


The author, while nursing broken ribs (Spring 2018) by then nearly healed, took a required DOT physical in June 2018.  Thinking, he was in very good health, with great blood pressure, and all the rest, GUESS WHAT?   The first thing this author knew, in his spirit, was that fasting is probably the answer.  This based on his several fasts over his 20’s to his 40’s.  Beginning to read he found Dr. Fung, among a few others, confirming what he sensed in his spirit.


Immediately, beginning to fast (7 days with nothing except lemon and honey water) now in November (Thanksgiving) his weight has gone from 205 lbs to 189 lbs.  Weighed 190 when he was 19.


Much lower carbohydrate food intake, eating more eggs and lean meat, less potatoes (no french fries), more raw vegetables with no more Little Debbie, Mars, Hershey, canned process food etc.  Feeling much better on the whole, with more energy, no naps after eating etc.  Going to enjoy Thanksgiving today, then fast for another seven days and continue the new life preserving diet choices for a couple more weeks and then go get another A1C result.  Bet I’m cured.


“Fasting is dangerous” they claim.  Hogwash!  The author has gone 20 days several times in his life with no lasting ill affects.  The author knows of a community of people in Kansas City who have also done this, numerous times, and no one has died.  In the Bible we see Jesus went 40 days.  The world’s record according to Dr. Fung is 382 days.  In the video above the doctor deals with many of the other myths surrounding fasting, a feature, by the way, in human history for 5,000 years.  “You’ll lose muscle mass” they falsely claim, but Dr. Fung is a physician who is able to explain the actual physiological reactions of the body, which he does.  In a nutshell, the body retains muscle and ingested dietary protein is utilized as needed, no muscle is reduced, while the body also begins to consume over abundant sugar (glycogen) and insulin is consequently reduced, opening the way for your body to consume the fat clog in the pluming, in essence.  He recommends in the video a 500 calorie fast on every other day.  Dr. Fung makes the author’s list of brilliant humans.


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