All about how to, has become my theme born in my desire to help others learn to build a traffic gathering website.  As result of broken ribs, a search led me to Rory’s Rickshaw (See Rory Ricord, Why You Might, Why You Should Not! at where I was told I would have an online business.  I later discovered that in spite of paying money for a “lifetime position in his network” that lifetime ends when Rory says so.  Therefore, your position is actually worse than an employee because you pay to take orders and clearly you do not own any business at RRR247.  It was not all bad and I learned a lot in 5 months.  But my first play call as your coach is to avoid Rory R.I.C.O.

Next, I followed on to Wealthy Affiliate.  To prove I am, at times hard to get along with, I got into it with some snotty smartypants in the group chat.  Then, wordy dirties (I was naughty) led to conflict with Carson and Kyle the founders of the fabulous Wealthy Affiliate online university.  I’m keeping my premium membership and continuing their training and highly recommend it.  Teaching niche affiliate marketing with over 100 easy to follow  video lessons in one organized location presented at less than click,click,click speed with easy to resume return referencing it is a great place to learn online business and marketing.  Additionally there is great value for the money.  My playbook includes an end around to avoid the runaround with the first guy.  GO HERE for a great experience with wealthy affiliate.

Previously my online experience included a CD Baby Web experience in how to become and Indie Recording Artist.  Beginning in 2014 I placed my CD and Downloads, FREE LISTENING SAMPLES GO HERE.

Next, I wrote a book and started to build to learn to promote a book online.  GO HERE to read free excerpts from the book, below the cover image.    Click on the cover there to buy.

how to promote a book online

In the end, to this point, anyway, I have found that the premium set up with WordPress is by far the most economical, however, in the beginning I did not realize how to navigate WordPress well enough to take full advantage of WordPress Support.  Knowing much more, today than I did the day before I broke my ribs, I am very comfortable working in the WordPress environment with the internal online support access.  They are a big help.  If a person knows the basics of writing content, placing images and links within that content then WordPress is the place to start.  Especially since the total yearly cost for Premium with Word Press is $ 99.00 plus $ 26.00 annually to register you domain name.  $ 10.00 per month.  Having learned enough now between the four experiences it is time to get down to business.

Wealthy Affiliate, I have discovered is a great test laboratory the Premium Upgrade, $ 19.00 before the end of a free 7 day full featured trial, offering 25 websites within and another 25 websites with registered domains the cost of the hosting cannot be beat.  Further in Premium JAXXY keyword search Lite is included giving you unlimited keyword search as well several other great features to triangulate on the words potential visitors type into their search browser when accessing the internet.

One more play call, here before I go.  Publishing, especially self publishing and the POD (Print on Demand) arena can be a nightmare with the unarmed thrown in with gladiators.  As your coach I highly recommend and report Angela Hoy has given kind service with utmost integrity.  Comparing booklocker’s rate for publishing at 1/5 the cost of the Gladiator outfits and the fact they pay the highest royalties in the POD marketplace booklocker is the go to publisher of choice.

Angela is an author herself, of numerous books and publishes a great Ezine called writer  She provides resources and kinks to anyone who wants to learn and move forward as a freelance writer.  She’s a peach.  Until next time, don’t take any wooden nickels.  Sincerely, Your Coach, Chris Queen November 24, 2018.



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