Must Know SEO, The Job Acetate Said. Think! Maybe Not. WordPress Has This.

Looking for a job, to bankroll this now, more serious online business.  Certain if I were to tell the bank and all the rest of the creditors, just be patient I’m onto something here, drawing a lot more traffic now and working to monetize my site, they’d exhale hard and start threatening or turning things off.  Service runs on money, yours and mine so utility companies, and such, stay on top of the collections game.


Once, a few years ago we received a waste water assessment, an assessment being a bill.  A very special bill as we found out since the county is the creditor on this one.   I smirked at Nancy and said, “What are they going to do, shut the sewer off?  Words that will live in infamy.  Forgetting the assessment and traveling to the cities where the removals were scheduled, we let the assessment slip our minds and no further notices arrived.  UNTIL.  The subpoena had Nancy’s name on it since her name was on the bills, set up while I was away supervising, on a job.


Court was fun, I guess, the assessment, the penalty, the court costs and the excitement of the courtroom drama.  As we exited the administrative building where sewer court was held.  I did not dare while in there, but had smirking to Nancy, told friends and family Nancy has sewer court coming up.  Ha ha ha.  When we walked out of the building Acid Nancy coldly and in her best Heckle and Jeckle (remember them?) head rocking both ways in ridicule, said:  “What are they gonna do, shut the sewer off?”


At the time we had a business removing imaging equipment from hospitals and clinics.  These jobs timed by the arrival of the new equipment from the manufacturers, those we subcontracted with, so the hospital room could be remodeled and the new equipment installed.  There’s a pattern here, the old come out and the new goes in.  Now the internet has been around quite a while, growing now to 3.75 Billion users.  This, since the middle nineteen nineties.


Fortran was the forerunner of visual basic and was the engineering programmer’s language from the forties or fifties onward.  The code was written to perform calculations using a minimum amount of memory.  Our dad told of the computer in Boeing Seattle the size of a couple gymnasiums able to under perform the first TI and HP pocket calculators, LED numbers.


After the maturation of the digital age memory became comparatively cheap.  It was then that C, C +, C++ and all the subsequent C’s replaced Fortran.  I had the pleasure in the early nineties of programming and compiling Fortran.  The rationale was all the engineering programming in existence was written in Fortran and therefore the language allegedly in need of preservation, persisted.  Working in DOS then the compiling, 2 minutes sometimes, edit another line of code and compile it again, until it compiled and ran.


Always easier to just pay the bills and continue to enjoy heat and hot water, lights, trash service and avoid Nancy’s day in sewer court.  And the drive home after the judge agreed to provide assistance in paying the debt.  Fortran is now defunct.  Fortran 77 compilers to my amazement are still offered online.


Must know SEO.  Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate runs you through SEO All In One (WordPress Plugin) included for activation in every WA website.  He has you change two or three settings in the plugin and SEO is initially ready for prime time.  He does point out there are advanced settings but tells you you won;t need to worry about any of that for now.  You will see this training early on in the free seven days test drive, HERE.


Still wanting to break into the internet and customer service area, I decided to get WordPress Support on the line by E mail within my premium plan and did.  Told him or her I want to know about SEO for knowledge base for potential employment in the future.  The Happiness Engineer as they are called sent me two links and I went to work.  After reading many pages with 4 or 5 additional links on each page, I went back to support.  I asked, “Is this college level course, reminiscent of my Thermodynamics Book (course was OK but the book was a drag) in regard to difficulty, on Search Engine Optimization really necessary?”  The reply:  “Look at this link.”


“WordPress, ‘Simple SEO'” was much nicer.  The intro page was followed by a page that had FAQ preceded by the list included “Myths about SEO.”  I had heard a couple of these Myths over at Rory’s Rickshaw.  I was fascinated to learn SEO, like Fortan, DOS (replaced by windows) HTML (simplified for us with editors) has mostly already been squared away by WordPress intelligently formatting the site and Themes to substantially properly connect to google, bing and yahoo optimizing for search engines (WordPress claims SEO 80-90% done for you when you create and publish your site).


I went back to Support and asked she/he isn’t traffic the most important?  Reply:  “Yes.”  I asked, and rather than get all bogged down in this wouldn’t it be better to write quality content with a frequency to connect and hold the interest of readers, and searchers as potential returning traffic?  I said, “That’s the name of the game isn’t it?”  Reply:  “That’s the name of the game.”  So, I said, “I’m better off spending my time writing posts than getting sidetracked in all of this?”  Reply:  Yes.  Then, I shared the links I shared because you said you wanted to know SEO.  But, the realization matured, WordPress, Google, Bing and Yahoo, know SEO for me and have set things up for optimization.


It’s like my smart phone here.  In order to use it, I don’t need to be able to design the circuits that make it work, do I?  Samsung has this and can connect to phone networks.  Just dial the number or enter a search. Chris Queen 11/29/2018


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