HOW TO: Independent Recording Artist


Bob cut me a deal on printed CD’s and we did the cover art ourselves.  Fed Ex Office, on card stock like paper.  Had the first ones in hand.  Then got a tip from a friend to put the CD and Download Tracks and Full Album on CD Baby. 


I don’t remember the exact cost to get things up on CD Baby, around 100.00 if I recall.  (  I think they have a free program now for Independent Artists.  Joined ASCAP and put the record up.  For a long time I did not do any promotion except on my facebook page.  I made a fan page and not much happened.


Then one day about 9 months ago I got in touch with them to re-acquire my site info, login etc.,because I was pushing 500 likes.  My wife invited facebook friends to my page.  I also ran into Bob, an old friend.  We were filling up at the gas station and Nancy was blaring the CD.  I shouted and he came over on his bicycle.  He asked who is this music by?  Nancy said, “Him.” Pointing at me.  Bob let me know he thought the record was good.  We traded info.  I sent him a link to the fan page.  Later I sent him the DC Baby site Url.  GO HERE  CD Baby does all that for you.  Now I’m pushing 1,000 likes.


And now this post will go out on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google and I will Press it on Facebook’s network.  That’s how you do it.  I’m having fun with it.  I’d like to make another record and play electric like in the old days.  “But uh, First Are You Experienced?”  Have a great day and stop putting things off and pursue your dreams.  Chris Queen 11/30/2018.

Author: genuinearticlex7

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