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Genuine Article.  That is my moniker.  I am proud to have integrity!

Coach, I have come to understand, in our day, means to the “so many” get with one of the experts, pay them a lot of money to go through their expensive training and then put your own website or better yet according to “the some” Youtube, baby.  This they say will make you affluent and since you need to be affluent, to enjoin to begin with, you are teaching the already affluent how to double, triple or replace their sufficient, though depleted (spendthrift) income so that in their dream’s eye they can take it easy and travel.

Here, before the Lord, Coach means this is the best play for the situation.  Your situation.  It Means GENUINE ARTICLE!  GENUINE!  Period.  I am a direct communicator.

The US Social Security tells us 5 out of 100 will be able to care for themselves in retirement.  Only 36 will be dead.  That leaves 54 who will live in hopeless poverty being dependent on relatives etc.  Figure the odds from your own situation.

Wealthy Affiliate is free to test drive.  Kyle teaches 50 lessons there about internet affiliate marketing business.  Not a platform to suck more money out of you to enrich themselves at your expense.  Kyle and Carson build affiliate businesses themselves as they have for 13 years.  The training is easy to follow, interactive, and you can start and stop and return to exactly where you left off.  Everything is accessed from a single window.  It is elegant!

After the free test drive there is an intro rate of $ 19.00 for an additional 30 days of Premium access, giving you 25 free websites (no additional cost) which makes for a great test lab.  You can once you are through the initial 50 lessons in Online Entrepreneur Certification able to go through 70 more 15 to 30 minute lessons taught by a great mentor, to learn more at a simple level.  To learn to recruit others with need or desire to learn to earn a living and beyond to something, Wealthy Affiliate, you will be proud to show your mother.

Then the cost goes up to $ 49.00 per month.  That is the best hosting price, and value in existence anywhere on the internet.  You have the ability there to build an additional 25 websites with your own registered domain names.  So the cost for hosting is brought to 1.00 per month if you were able to build out fifty websites. No MLM, no upsell, no further costs involved.  WAKE UP!  Recruiting is lucrative also.  GO HERE.  Check this out.  Chris Queen 12/02/2018.  Please leave a comment below.





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