Then Again, Online Business Mentality

Yesterday I wrote in semi-ridicule of the affluent helping the affluent through what is commonly called lead funnels.  The prospect is drawn to a capture page and then a landing page where automation is normally in place to bring the right people to the opportunity and the close.  Then those with the means and the adventurous spirit enter and learn to do the same approach.  So what’s wrong with it?  NOTHING.  Provided of course there is real value offered in providing effective duplication of the effort.

The cost of these, “ONLINE BUSINESS TRAINING PROGRAMS” is anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.  It is interesting some of them offer to train people to build a specific business while others are open ended teaching the “boot camp” for the prospect to build whatever business they choose.

I suppose if I had the funds I might.  Further, it would be interesting to investigate these and report on the program and the results.  This would be an enjoyment for me and a service to others.  Hmmmm?  I wrote on my other blog within Wealthy Affiliate, about Rory Ricord’s Program, GO HERE, an article called “RORY RICORD NOT COM, WHY YOU MIGHT, WHY YOU SHOULD NOT.”

FACT IS:  “I, having moved all over the country (5 moves in ten years) my father defending you all, designing missiles, bombers, moon rockets, ejection seats, military installations, power plants and stuff, I, don’t always bond that well with people.”  That is a part of my human condition.  In all fairness, I paid $ 440.00 total for a business and a mere five months later I was nearly making a profit.  I got the lion’s share of my money back and was set to make the big bucks, GO HERE, to see how.  I’m just getting started with this site.  I’ve inherited a business, separate from Rory, with 50 distributors, on board. I prayerfully began it and am continuing to pursue it now.

Hmmmm?  Reporting about online businesses as a service to others looking for an honest way to earn money online presents interesting possibilities.  Chris Queen 12/03/2018.

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