A Pretty Good Day

Yesterday was a pretty good day.  Had new referrals to Wealthy Affiliate.  Business is growing.  Also had a referral to JAXXY.  Traffic is ever building and the books are selling.   Traffic to my sites makes all the difference.

Talking with a book publicist who wants to put me on TV and radio.  That sounds like fun.   Sounds like it might be profitable to me also.

So, they have lead funnels all over on here.  Some of them will cost you hundreds of dollars on a maybe.  Others will cost you thousands on a NOT A CHANCE.  Alternatively learning affiliate marketing is not hard.  Amazon pays you 7% for a fifteen dollar picture frame minus shipping and fees.  I am a rocket scientist with a degree in mechanical engineering (BSME) Rock Chalk and I am looking for people who want a 50% commission.  No shipping, no fees and it comes to your Pay Pal Card wherever you are on the face of the earth.  End of every month.  Get started HERE for free, stay on if you like it.  E mail me at cqueen7771@yahoo.com if you have more questions.  Who is ready to make some money?  Chris Queen.  Be sure to hit Follow on the Right and Please leave yoour comments below.  Than You.

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