Mr. Dr, Bart Ehrman sports a reputation as a former fundamentalist Christian.  He has gone Ivy League after Moody Bible Institute and Wheaton College then Dartmouth and now is the North Carolina chair of this that and the other, a position and set of titles I don’t bow too.  Whoopty Dooo as mom used to say.

My book Misquoting Logic is aptly titled because that is exactly what Ehrman does.  Mr. Frank Turek here in 1 minute gives a very accurate outline of the bible’s history providing several reasons the Bible is not merely made up.  Not the least of which is Embarrassing Details inasmuch as No one would make up a story that Jesus called Peter Satan (when rebuking him); or that Peter denied Jesus three times; or that all the men abandoned Jesus while the youngster (John) and the women remained at the crucifixion; or that the women were the first witnesses; or that the apostles did not believe when the women told them the angel said Jesus has risen.

I add that Paul bragged about being whipped and beaten with rods and stoned and generally getting his butt whipped.  Men do not brag about getting humiliated in the normal course of affairs.  “These are not made up stories.”  Mr. Turek gives further reasons here.  He is a apologist.

I am an engineer and expert in math.  I became expert in law, being so led by The Lord, for his purpose.  The mathematical proofs I lay out in my books are sixth grade word problems that could not be solved until Israel and Jerusalem were back in the land.  Those dates, May 15, 1948 and June 7, 1967 signal the end of the times of the Gentiles, spoken explicitly by Luke, and implicitly in Revelation 11.

Jesus in Matthew stands in the bright spotlight of history point to Daniel and alluding to John.  The three in absolute precise and specified and pin point accuracy correlate to one date in history now in our past then in their future.  There is only room for fools in skepticism those involved in the paramount achievement of academia in IGNORANCE:  “The modern academic science of ignoring the facts.”    They’ve become very good at it.  Check it out for yourselves.  Chris Queen 12/20/2018 Please Hit the Follow Button to the right.  Please leave me your comments below.  Find my books on Amazon Misquoting Logic and Misquoting Calculus.  Thank you.

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