Below is my response to a Preterist (believe all of Revelation was Fulfilled in 70 A.D.) on a blog I found.  Get this, out of everything written in Revelation, obviously the imagery a matter of prophetic vision, much allegory, the preterists insist Revelation had to be written before 70 A.D. so John, BANISHED to the Isle of Potmos instead actually measured a still standing temple.  This one sentence LITERALLY INTERPRETED alone because they need a pre-destruction of Jerusalem and the temple to claim the surrounding of Jerusalem by the Romans fulfills Jesus’ words in Matthew 24.

Once they interpret that sentence literally to claim early date required for Revelation to allow their theory to gasp its breath, they immediately return to allegory in their interpretation.  Bang Your Head On The Desk.

Very Recently, Donald Trump inexplicably (king’s heart like water in the Lord’s hands) removed our forces from Syria.  That removal clears the way for Gog (whomever he actually turns out to be) and Magog (both Turkey (Istanbul) and Russia (Moscow) Lie North of Jerusalem on a line.  One or both of these, along with Persia (Iran/Iraq), Ethiopia (actually the Sudan), Libya, Syria etc., to invade from Syria, as facilitated by the former President in leaving the region to ISIS.  Ezekiel 38.

My response to Preterism:

“Excuse me, John indeed measured a non standing temple while on the Isle. Jesus points to Daniel in Matthew 24 and the abomination of desolation calling what was to be an “it.” It as Epiphanies’ altar over the Jewish one. Solving the WORD PROBLEM in Revelation 12: 10-13 correlates exactly with John’s WORD PROBLEM in Revelation 11. In my book these things are laid out clearly. The Gentiles trampling of the temple for 42 months. Jesus at center stage in all of history points back to Daniel whose word problem lands on the date of the appearance of the Dome of the Rock. Exactly when the Word Problem of Revelation 11 lands on the timeline of actual history. I am sorry, but Preterism is a contrived nonsense. The Sanhedrin currently in the quest to build the Third Temple state to appease muslim means perfect, therefore they claim Abraham and Moses were muslim. The Pope also states the god of islam is the same as the Christian God. We see here the prophesy aligning for the ONE WORLD RELIGION Mystery Babylon. The only place I have looked outside the Bible is the historic date for Alexander’s crossing of the river Granicus to destroy Darius. Further objective evidence to destroy, forever, Preterist heresy counting forward from Granicus and counting forward from 334 BC (year of Alexander’s Granicus Crossing) 2300 Passovers (evening and morning) you arrive in 1967, the year the temple was liberated from under Gentile occupation. Also the end of the “Times of the Gentiles” as Luke named it. Chris Queen (BSME) My books are on Amazon. Preterism is the devil’s nonsense. My proofs are as sound as Newton’s.”  

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