Dead Dogma — Doubting Darwin

The money is always the reason the resistance dig in.

Dogma of priests and the desire to continue benefit from indulgences.  Dogma prescribes what is to be accepted as the body of knowledge from those claiming to be elite and demanding blind followers.  Don’t ask any questions and I won’t tell you any lies.

Understanding much of the theory of atomic half life I have heard those who cry, to the elites, how many daughter isotopes did you begin with?  Answer:  Above anyone’s pay grade.  An unknowable number as the ancient copyright Ehrman lacks.

Harvard has now published on the subject of soft tissue in dinosaur bones and predictions have been made that soft tissue is the norm.  While Mary Schweitzer who was fired for factual findings, soft tissue, cells, blood vessels in T-Rex Tibia (Don’t offend the dogma, or we will destroy you they say) tries to provide soft tissue along with explanation how it is 65 million years old anyway.

Mark Armitage with his Triceratops horn soft tissue, spills the beans on what seems obvious.  The dinosaur remains are not millions and millions of years old, as the emerging evidence proves.

Here is a brief video Mark says we should distribute.  There is a revolution underway.  Have we been lied too?  To begin with, no doubt, it was an error.  So why are the dogmatic now trying to obfuscate the ramifications and the evidence?


Mark Armitage has dug up his bones, tested and properly scientifically processed the materials per accepted science and protocols, published peer reviewed papers on his findings and presented these findings before his peers.

Watch the video and decide for yourselves.  I am going to contribute to Mark’s foundation to keep his lab intact so the truth of the actual age of the earth can be had.

The Dogma Death of the faulty alter religion comes with shrill protest.  There’s a lot of reputations and research dollars at stake.  Most important, the Truth.

I don’t make the news, I just report it.  Chris Queen 2/3/2019.   Please hit the Follow Key above and to the right for future updates.  Please leave me your valued comments below.  On the side of truth as always.


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