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Dinosaur Pictures
Dinosaur With A Human Rider, 2500 Years Old? How?

So where did the Inca artists see dinosaurs 2500 years ago?  They must have seen them alive, huh?

Terracotta figurines several species represented

Dr Richard Dawkins has become a science denier.  Mary Schweitzer found soft tissue in Tyrannosaurus Tibia, in Montana.  Mark Armitage (microscopy Ph.D.) later found a 40 inch Triceratops Horn in the same area of Montana, also isolating soft tissue, he attained dates (under 30,000 years) through Carbon Dating.  Not supposed to have any carbon if its 75 million years old as evolutionist church doctrine states.

Inca Burial Stones carved 2500 years ago.  The center one shows a man fighting what appears to be an Allosaurus.  There are hundreds and hundreds of these burial stones, as this video shows:

Mark Armitage is a once, well respected (in academia) creationist and scientist who ran the electron microscope lab in a California University.  When he published his paper he then shared his results with some of his students.  He was immediately threatened by one of the staff about his religion.  Then he was fired.

Examples of art featuring dinosaurs come from the entire world and include cave paintings from antiquity into the 1500’s.

Mark Armitage set up his own independent lab.  He then filed suit against the University.  The University settled the lawsuit for $ 395,000.00.  That is a big win for creationists in academia.

Above three different scenes clearly depicting dinosaurs with hunters in the scenes also.

Mary Schweitzer, on 60 Minutes (TV program) admitted to Lesley Stahl, she did not want to reveal what she’d found.  Why, because she was afraid of the Dogma Walkers of the “young earth creationist deniers” i.e. Neo Darminians?  Dogma.  It’s a religion with murderous elites waiting to kill the career of any who “step out line the man come and take you away.  You better stop now what’s that sound … Everybody look what Going Down … .” 

After telling her superiors of her evidenced findings she was, indeed, fired from the University.  All evidence aside these academic fascists will not allow any light of truth to upset Darwin’s Apple Cart.  Reputations and research dollars are on the line.

Mary then found another position at UNC and set about trying, through specious means, as explained in a video, by Armitage, to modify any perception she supports or has become a “young earth” creationist fan.

Armitage prior armed with faith in the Bibles’ hero Jesus the risen Son of God realizing his responsibility for the truth, turned his back on University position and funding.  The minions in Academia assume Dogma and refuse to view anything in conflict in many cases.  Mark Armitage predicts soft tissue in dinosaur bones is the norm, because they are not millions and millions of years old.

Today we have numerous further soft tissue finds.  Here is a link that spells this out in some detail with examples:



So why is this existent body of evidence not widely know?  It does not fit the evolutionists’ agenda and is therefore not presented in public or higher education.  We have been brainwashed.

And the other offenders, the dogmatic religious leadership do not want to involved themselves in any arguments.  Evidence is what ends any argument.  Lord forgive them for acting like you are weak or unable to defend your word with the evidence.

Many more images here:  http://historysevidenceofdinosaursandmen.weebly.com/visual.html

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