737 MAX 8 Grounded — Ralph Nader’s Great Niece Killed In Ethiopia Crash

My forthcoming, prior, planned book entitled ironically, “Unsafe At Any Altitude” as I told Boeing’s CEO (probably not for long) I am writing.  I had no idea until about an hour ago when I ran across this video on you tube that Ralph Nader’s Great Niece was among those killed in the second 737 MAX 8 crash in Ethiopia.

My sincerest condolences, thoughts and prayers to all of the victims of what appears to be the exact irresponsibility I reported in the my prior posts of this week.  Originally the book was to be an expose’ on failure of senior engineers to accept responsibility and the incompetence derivative of their training system.

Three generations of my family were Boeing insiders involved in numerous defense, strategic, missile targeting, space, structures and propulsion programs.  Again the irony and complete surprise in the fact my title “Unsafe at Any Altitude” being derivative of Mr. Nader’s “Unsafe at any Speed” and the tragic death of his sister’s grand daughter are further explained in the accompanying video by Mr. Nader himself.

RALPH NADER Video concerning the tragic, and preventable crash and the loss to his family, as well many other families:


Such a tragic situation where 157 and then 189 lives have been cut short on almost identical circumstances and with pilots warning Boeing and its government commercial aircraft division, the FAA.  They represent your interests equally as the FDA assures safe drugs, right?

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