Boeing And The FAA Are Not Trustworthy,737 Max 8 and 9 are not airworthy. Computers don’t make mistakes … don’t make mistakes … don’t make mistakes …

The old joke went:  Over the intercom came the pilot’s greeting, “Good afternoon welcome to wig wag airlines flight 00.  We would like you to know this airplane is being flown completely on autopilot by our new computer system.  But please rest assured because computers never make mistakes … never make mistakes … never make mistakes … ” 

Heard this in Junior High in the 1970’s.  Boeing has tried it.

It is clear now to the entire world Boeing, it’s CEO, the FAA and the several airlines are not trustworthy.  I am a former Boeing Engineer (conveniently blacklisted in 2001) and this is war.  All is fair in love and war as they say.  Negligence and reckless disregard for the lives of crews, passengers and others is the Boeing position along with its Government Division the FAA.  Have the layoffs started yet?

Many pilots were persistently reporting the problems with the 737 Max automated system, between the October 2018 Indonesian crash (189 dead) and the Ethiopian Airlines crash, March 2019 (157 dead).  Ralph Nader’s Grand Niece, Samya Stumo, among the Ethiopian disaster deceased.  Let’s see, will Ralph Nader let this slide?

Boeing, the FAA and airlines, more concerned about the bottom line [Boeing will now lose 5 Billion Dollars, as estimated] for their hard headed refusal to accept reality and its failures to provide training on the radically new and poorly executed computer flight correction system that is well known, as reported to override the pilots’ ability to safely fly their aircraft.

Pilots already have their hands full without having to play “Pac Man” with their own aircraft or die 3/110ths of a second before their passengers.  Boeing and the FAA with primary responsibility for safety were fully aware there was a problem long in advance of this disaster.  I for one am having a very hard time feeling sorry for them.  Gross negligence is the only reasonable verdict here.

Until two days ago Boeing and the FAA were defending the airworthiness of the 737 Max 8 and finally the Aviation Administrators of the world put our criminally negligent aircraft manufacturer and their government division the FAA in position to finally opt for safety.   If killing 346 people can be seen as providing any safety at all.  Who else does not feel sorry for them?

These death traps should be required after refitting to start the certification process all over again with independent oversight of the FAA itself involved.  Go HERE for more on this despicable display of modern corporate neglect and cold hearted disregard for human life.  I applaud the decision to send the black box to France where Boeing’s own FAA has already been utterly discredited, can play second fiddle as their conduct deserves.

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