God of Israel vs. god of islam

To the Remnant not led astray. Here is the truth for you, your children and Grandchildren.

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God is One.  Which One?  The Lord has provided evidence, but few people, and very, very few preachers, are able to identify it.

Objections and confusions about the trinity, those in islam, while believing in Moses diminish Jesus as merely a “messenger.”  You are a mammal as such an animal of flesh and blood.

In this flesh and blood, is a brain that affords you intellect of varying abilities.  They tell me I’m bright.  The brain is capable of thought, processing, parallel processing, problem solving conceptual imaginative skills for creation of the not yet, aside from sight, speech, smell, feeling, sensory enjoyment and warnings and many more talents and attributes.  Some gifting to a greater degree than others.  Does not make anyone better, just talented in the given gift.

But all that electro-chemical thermodynamic activity is controlled by an unseen force called the Spirit.  With no Spirit Mozart could not…

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