A Few More Days Here


Disappointing day.  Patience and perseverance my favorite.  The flesh declares war.  The Spirit is the answer and over time, the Spirit of truth, telling you what Jesus tells him to say (John 16: 7-14) and we are gently and persistently sanctified (set aside for his holy purpose) in our emotional makeup as the Spirit makes us more and more one with Jesus this denying yourself and carrying your cross to Christ advances and you are nearer his image.  This is fruit the Father desires.


The web hosting company I am currently imprisoned by has no ability to move my site, two years of written content, my followers (that’s you, and I thank you) or analysis, my hits, from this web host to a different one of my choosing.  I might export it all to a holding host and then on to my desired hosting destination, but we run into further uncertainty, spending more money with no guarantee the new host will be able either.


I can take my domain name with me.  I can copy and paste hundreds of posts and my pages into Word and them reproduce the content in the new environment.  But I cannot take the most important thing I have, my followers.  Oh I can copy and paste all of your adresses etc., but re-establishing contact requires invitation and action on your part.


This is complicated by the malfunction and inability of those in the service desk to repair what they have broken in regard to my Email here in my website.


My New Email Adrress:    contactcqseven77@ gmail.com


But it will not function here.  If you want to continue the journey with us then you must copy and paste this into your browser and send me a message.  I invite you all.  My plan is to soon have video teachings on the math of scripture which can be shared with anyone you choose to share them with.  The clear demonstration of God’s fulfilled prophetic boasts are Salt and Light in a dark and wandering world under the powerful delusion.  Please, Please be a part of this.

I will be here and posting for a while longer as I look for the solution.  Keep Watch.  Lord Bless You.  Thank You.  Chris 3/31/2020.



Author: genuinearticlex7

Author of Misquoting Logic What Bart Ehrman Forgot To Tell You About The Coming Apocalypse And Your Place In It and Misquoting Calculus What Isaac Newton Tried To Tell Bart Ehrman and Misquoting Calculus What Isaac Newton Tried To Tell Bart Ehrman.