Positive Grid Spark Amplifier

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Now I want to jump right in and tell you about an innovation which we will not doubt see much more of in coming days.  There is a new twist on technology in regard to one of my favorite subjects, recording your songs.

I am somewhat old school and definitely come from the Tube Amp with a pedal or two school of electric guitar sound.  I had a 1979 Ibanez 2622 Artist, though I’m a Strat Player at heart, and I had a 1968 200 Watt Marshall with two TL Boxes loaded with EV speakers on Ultimate Support System Speaker Stands.


I showed up with a few foot pedals I was ready.  It sterilized people in the front row.  I was psychedelic loud and proud.  Jimi Hendrix had become my hero.  Then this happened:

“Baby Child as a man
as a living grain of sand…
Sitting on the ever changing shore,
Greeting the sunrise…
Picked up upon the Gypsy woman,
Hair Flaming Night as ravens even sleep…rainbow cloth
Tambourine complimenting her chant and choice of graces,
And Love Her God…

I actually looked upon her on my right…coming forth,
And Baby Child then secondly looked his left to eye
And 11 or 12 women, men and little ones approached;
They clad in their master’s wish;
White robes swaying to be baptized.
These two world crossed each other in front of me, when
Afterwards, Baby Child sipped a heartful of ocean…
Spat out the waste and walked upon the New Day.”  by Jimi Hendrix. 

Beginning there, the Lord put an end to all the commotion.  My song “I Will Follow You” hints at this Experience.  Though I am not returning to the commotion I do plan to record an electric guitar song or two.

Now since we are investigating audio recording the new technology put a software app from the manufacturer, Positive Grid, in the amplifier allowing you to model numerous Amps, Cabinets and 10,000 + effects.  It works as an interface and you get all the amp modeling the effects and a 40 Watt guitar amp for a very reasonable price.


Here it is, from the manufacturer’s own links.  With video demo and information Go Here!

I would highly recommend this product in place of an interface for guitar playing.  This has a carrying case so a lap top computer with the PreSonus iTwo interface for vocals and a microphone and you have a world class recording studio to go anywhere.  These are both awesome and amazing days.

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