Christian Book Review – God’s War On Terror, by Walid Shoebat and Joel Richardson.

Title Reviewed: God’s War On Terror, Islam, Prophecy And The Bible By Ex-Muslim Terrorist and Best Selling Author Walid Shoebat with Joel Richardson.  What your pastor forgot to tell you about your Bible and what it actually says.  That is the theme of my review here.

Those of you familiar with my own books Misquoting Logic and Misquoting Calculus by Chris Queen are aware the word problems I have gathered and solved, verifying the work of others, most especially related to this review from Ellis Skolfield, author of “The False Prophet” points directly from the words of Jesus, Daniel and John to what sits there on the Temple Site with blasphemous words and threats laid in tile.

At first reading of Walid Shoebat’s book, God’s War on Terror, I am in agreement with him and his extensive revelation from the prophets in the Old Testament and Revelation.  I will spend the time to research his scripture references from Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Amos, Zechariah, Micah, and Revelation on my own.

Walid was born in Bethlehem, Israel, to a captive Catholic Mother and Muslim Father.  As such he is familiar with Arabic and Hebrew languages and the History and Geography of the Middle East.  Further he is familiar with Islam and it’s tenants.

He married a Catholic Woman as his father.  He looked at her one day and said, “It’s time you convert to Islam.  She asked him, “Why she should convert?”  He replied because of all the conflicts in the Bible.  She handed him the Bible and said, “Find the conflicts and explain them to me and I will convert then.”

He tells the story of learning, as he read the Bible, the Qu’ran is written such that what the Bible says is good, Islam claims as evil and vise versa.  That the Jesus of Islam (was not crucified nor resurrected) will come and correct the Christians and Jews or cut their heads off and when Di jal (demonic impostor, per Islam) comes and touches down on the Mount of Olives (Islamic Jesus) will kill him and the Caliphate then rule forever.  We know the risen one, Son of God, will touch down on the Mount of Olives.  He was stunned and shocked to learn these things.  He was convinced after much study.  He converted to become a Christian.

I first became familiar with Walid Shoebat through YouTube videos of him speaking in churches, the first one I watched was a three part series on Islam vs. Christianity.  He build’s his case from the Old Testament Prophets, Pauline Epistles and the Book of Revelation.  All backed up from proper dividing of the Word.  The nations listed in Ezekiel 38 are always the ones listed for God’s judgment through Jesus in the prophets according to Walid Shoebat’s careful readings.

The several groups around us along with the political correctness protocol is complicated by the diversity crowd and the liberal press.  Unbelievers think it matters not what God people choose, them believing all the religious are irrational.  So to them Muslims and Christians are all the same, except the non-terrorist Christians are the trouble???.

The Sh ite vs. the Sunni are a war unto themselves, thus the feet of iron mixed with clay.  In Genesis this is what God said about Ishmael when he promised Abraham to bless him.  “At odds with one another.”

Walid carefully speaks to Daniel’s revealing to Nebuchadnezzar the four kingdoms of Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iron and the feet of iron and clay.

John sat in the Sixth of the seven “Mountains (symbol of kingdoms in scripture)” and there are ten crowns.  In the West this has been interpreted as Rome on seven hills.  The barbarian resurgences of the Roman Empire cobbled together to indict Rome and the European Union as the final kingdom, is infantile interpretation.

Walid shows the seven kingdoms as 1) Egypt; 2) Assyria; 3) Babylon; 4) Medo-Persia; 5) Greek (Alexander); 6) Roman (Eastern and Western … Rome/Byzantine lasted 800 years after Rome Expired); 7) Ottoman Islamic Caliphate destroyed Constantinople (Byzantine Eastern Roman Empire) the Caliphate disassembled by the Allies from WWI in 1924 the Caliph forced to retirement.  The eighth kingdom is from the seven after his head wound is healed, by the West, through fornication over oil.  The cup full of abominations in the hand of the woman.  Look at the Map:


One and a half billion Muslims surround Israel and want her dead and destroyed.  The whore rides the scarlet beast.  Walid builds the case that Mystery Babylon; rather than the Catholic Church (the Pope is assuredly a problem, but not Antichrist) is Ba’al.  Walid Shoebat challenges these scholars from the West to find where any European country at all is listed among those attacking Israel and being decimated by the King of Kings, Jesus, at his return. It’s symbolic they say, yeah so symbolic God nor the prophets ever said it.

Mr. Shoebat has built his entire case from the Prophets to include Jesus, John and Paul.  I have read both cases now and hardly think the Dainty Europeans are going to rise up on the one leg of the Roman Empire, now with 28 toes (28 member nations) especially when Turkey, Egypt, Libyia, Sudan, Arabia, among the others are specified in scripture.  Isaiah calls the Antichrist, the Assyrian.  Walid traces the territories held by the Seven nations God lists as his enemies and the people of the prince who is to come in Daniel he shows are Arabs and Syrians as Romans in the legions who destroyed the temple in 70 A.D.  It all fits like a glove.  Fits with the unsealing of the scrolls Daniel was told about also.

This is a revolutionary book laid out in correct detail by a former Islamic Terrorist and man raised in the part of the world currently under the world’s watchful eye and in the mind of God who was never concerned with the Hiruli, the Visigoths, the Ostrogoths, Vandals etc.  I have said for over a decade now the seminaried in the west “teach rules taught by men” and ignore the prophetic record as extensively stated in the scriptures.

I have been confused by the teachings of Westerners in the church for decades.  My math told me otherwise, but without confirmation I was hesitant.

This book, God’s War On Terror, corrects the record showing God’s Revelation and not the “teachings of men” from Western Universities.  Thank you for visiting my site. Thank you for reading.  This is presented not as hate for Muslims, rather as an act of God’s Love I tell you the truth as laid out from scripture by a former Muslim, himself.  God says:  “Come out of her my people so you do not receive any of her plagues.”  Maranatha.  Jesus Christ is Lord of All. Christopher.  5/20/2020



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