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Mission Control … Houston

In December 1968 dad left a few days before Christmas for Houston, Texas.  In a daring move, NASA decided to send Apollo 8 with Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and William Anders onboard to the moon and put the command module into Lunar Orbit for ten rotations.

The space program had hit serious snags not the least of which was the accident in Apollo One killing astronauts Gus Grissom, Roger Chaffee and Edward White.  The Russians were leading the space race toward the “moon shot” as those of us directly involved called it.

Return to the Pad: Astronaut Michael Collins Reflects on Apollo

My dad was a Boeing engineer involved in the SVI, lift rocket portion of the Apollo missions.  The millions of pounds of thrust from the five engines required to lift the 300 plus foot rocket from zero mph on the launch pad to 6,000 mph in 2.5 minutes to allow the second stage rocket engines to take Apollo into space.

Apollo 8 Mission

Apollo 8 traveled to the moon and dropped into orbit and went around the moon 10 times.  It was also the second manned flight in Apollo at all.  Much debate went into the decision to make such a daring move.


Had the mission failed and left the three astronauts in space to die the Apollo program would likely have been ended and the triumph of seven months later in the landing on the moon by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin might never have occurred. 

Dad went to monitor the engine performance for the first two minutes and thirty seconds.  His job and the job of Boeing Michoud complete as to Apollo 8, at T-Plus 2 minutes and 30 seconds.



I recall us taking him to the Airport across Lake Pontchartrain from Slidell, to New Orleans for his flight to Houston’s Mission Control.  We went back two days later a couple days before Christmas to get him.  Apollo 8 on the way to the moon.  I was ten years old when these things happened.

JFK And The Moon Shot

We had been involved, as a family, in the Space program since 1962 when we left Seattle for New Orleans to begin this journey as a family to put men on the moon.  JFK had committed the United States to achieving a successful moon landing before the end of the decade.

He was tragically assassinated in Dallas the following November.  This event, though I was five years old, made an impression on me and I became aware the program was partially for his honor thereafter.



Greatest Accomplishment

In my book, Misquoting Logic I lay out the capabilities of the Saturn SVI and the accomplishment of the most powerful man made propulsion event ever.  Dad had been a B-47 mechanic in the U.S. Air Force at the time of my birth.


Mutual Assured Destruction

Prior to the Air Force he had been a designer at Boeing on the B-52 project.  Then he worked on targeting in propulsion for the Minute Man Intercontinental Ballistic Missile System.  When  Khrushchev backed down it was because the targeting program could land the missile on a square yard accurately.

Most of the Russian Missiles would never have gotten out of the solos and Mutual Assured Destruction, though devastating would have been a one sided affair.  Dad was strictly Top Secret.

New Orleans

He had gone to school and finished his mechanical engineering degree while he and mom both worked at Boeing.  My earliest memories involve him trying to do his homework at the kitchen table while my brother and I were very young.  We were not always helpful.

After the Minute Man and his BSME, dad had some involvement with rockets since I recall telling a kindergarten friend (Lloyd if I recall his name) “my dad works on airplanes.”  Mom had corrected me and said “your daddy works on rockets.”

In 1962, not long after my fifth birthday we headed to New Orleans for the space program duration.  I started first grade in New Orleans.  The next year we moved, just after Christmas to Slidell, across Lake Pontchartrain.  We lived there until I was eleven.

Biggest Church Service Ever

jsc2018e007777 - At the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City, Russia, Expedition 55 crewmember Drew Feustel of NASA listens to a reporter’s question Feb. 21 during the crew’s final day of qualification exams. Feustel, Ricky Arnold of NASA an

During the Apollo 8 Mission on Christmas Eve we had the astronauts, with the entire world tuned in read from Genesis.  It is ironic that on Christmas Eve from Lunar Orbit in the middle of the greatest accomplishment of mankind in regard to science and engineering the creation story in Genesis 1-9 was read by American Astronauts.

This country was not the same as the country we live in today.  PC culture has replaced freedom of speech and freedom of religion enumerated in the First Amendment to the Constitution.

The Powerful Delusion

About 150 years ago there was an alleged intellectual move away from the creation story to the new allegation that an unexplained lump of mass lying there was made subject to some explosive upheaval and a random strong wind blew through a junk yard and assembled the Saturn V spontaneously, also creating life, along with men with the heart and soul to desire travel 230,000 miles plus to lunar orbit to read what these illogical anti-creationists now consider an allegory.   The modern paradigm is foolishness and the evidenced powerful delusion prophesied in scripture.

The Real Meat Of Evolutionist Theory

As my dad before me, I am in possession of scientific training in the area of Physics with a BSME.  I started my writing career with reality, in Physics.  The book the Astronauts read Genesis from is one of my areas of interest.  Being very familiar with much of what is between the covers of the Bible entailing intimately intertwined books, 66 of them written by 40 authors over the course of 3500 years and I say to these alleged evolutionist scientists, BALONEY!

Hard Science Of Creation

Sliced pork sausage

Nine specific prophesies and their mathematically specific to the events, landing on the timelines of history with moon shot and Minute Man level accuracy, the odds are 1/9 X 1/8 X 1/7 X 1/6 X 1/5 X 1/4 X 1/3 X 1/ 2 X 1/ 1 = 2.755731922398589e-6  2.76 times 10 to the minus 6, or (.000002.76).  Dawkins?  Ehrman?  Take it up with the math departments.  Virtually Zero are the odds that God did Not write the Bible.  Statistics is HARD SCIENCE!  This is just the nine problems and prophetic predictions laid out plainly (my fifth grade grandson gets it) in my Book Misquoting Calculus.  There are hundreds of them from the Bible fulfilled to date.  So the real total odds are astronomical.

“Times Of The Gentiles (Luke 21: 24) ” Near Its End

My existence, as revealing these things and these books prove you are standing in the “last days.”  (See:  Matthew 24; Daniel 12: 3, 4).

Have a nice forever through faith in the author of one of only a few rational books written this one by the God of Creation commemorated on Christmas Eve 1968, from Lunar Orbit by men who served the Lord of creation and a far wiser country.

Thank you for visiting my website.  Thank you for reading.  If you have comments please leave them below.  Please leave any questions below also.  I will answer you.  Thank you Lord God for your Son, Jesus Christ the Righteous.  Chris.  6/4/2020


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