Joe Bonamassa And Eric Clapton Further On Up The Road

Today I have a desire to do something a little different.  Joe Bonamassa played the Royal Albert Hall in 2009.  Joe is a great Blues Rock Guitar Player and among the very best ever in that field.

B.B. King Introduces Joe Bonamassa To The World

Joe was a young teenager when B.B. King took notice of him when they were booked on the same show.  He played very well for a youngster and was otherwise a normal child from a normal family in Utica, New York, USA.

Joe was asked to do more shows by B.B. King, personally.  Of course he gladly accepted.  Soon the world was taking notice.  Katie Couric had Joe on the big morning TV Network News Show she worked on.

She interviewed him and he played on international television.  Soon the young man had record companies knocking on his door and calling he and his parents.  Joe Bonamassa was suddenly in the limelight, thanks to B.B. King.

Joe Bonamassa Admires Eric Clapton

For the next several years Joe continued playing and growing as a musician and a recording artist.  B.B. King had given him these opportunities and he capitalized on it very effectively.

Joe became an institution in the music industry and his role model was Eric Clapton.  Eric Clapton had come out of the successful British Bands, the Yardbirds with Jimmie Page who later founded Led Zeppelin with Robert Plant, John Bonham and John Paul Jones and also a Yardbird was Jeff Beck both also great guitar players.

Eric Clapton formed Cream with Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce, a power trio in the late 1960s.  Eric Clapton had two nicknames he was given by his fans, one was Slowhand and the other blasphemous one god.

Eric Clapton Troubled Life

Soon Eric Clapton found himself humbled on stage next to Jimi Hendrix who was called simply, Jimi or Hendrix.  Jimi Hendrix formed The Jimi Hendrix Experience and just prior to his death The Band of Gypsies.

Jimi Hendrix, as many in the music industry through the years suffered the ravages of drug abuse.  That drug abuse eventually ended his life.  Tragic end to an amazing, short life and career.  Jimi Hendrix was only 27 years old when he died from Barbituates and alcohol.

Eric Clapton managed as others to navigate the minefield of drugs and alcohol addiction surviving it all.  Clapton formed Blind Faith a band with Christian Themes, though the drugs and alcohol kept him bound.

Eric Clapton Solo Career

He formed Derek and the Dominoes with Duane Allman, another great guitarist, and founder of the Allman Brothers Band, with his brother Greg Allman.  Duane was later killed in a motorcycle accident in his home town of Macon, Georgia.

Eric played with Delaney and Bonnie, another Southern Rock Band finally Eric Clapton made a Solo Record called simply, Eric Clapton.  Eric had managed to survive the sixties into the seventies.

Eric Clapton Three Times Inducted Hall Of Fame

As a testament to his greatness as a guitar player, Eric Clapton is the only person voted into the Rock-Roll-Hall of Fame three times.  The Bands Cream and the Yardbirds won him two elections in and then he was elected in his own right.

Meanwhile the rest of the blues rock guitarists in the world, among whom I once counted myself, had him as a role model with his successful bands and the enviable position as solo guitarist and even a sometime Beatle playing the guitar on the George Harrison Hit While My Guitar Gently Weeps from their White Album in 1968.

Billie Preston, one of my favorites played keyboards for the Beatles in their rooftop concert at Abby Road in 1970.  Eric and Billie Preston were both George Harrison’s friends.

Mylon LeFevre, Eric’s Greatest Tragedy

I met Mylon LeFevre in the 1980’s when Broken Heart played at Kansas State University.  Mylon had come from a Christian Singing Family and had written a song that Elvis Presley Recorded. Two more of my favorite Christian Songs are More by Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart and My Heart Belongs To Him.

Listen Here:  “My Heart Belongs To Him”

And Here “More”

Mylon founded the Atlanta Rhythm Section and he was a drug supplier to the Rolling Stones and several other British Bands including Eric Clapton.  Mylon told us the story when he got saved and Kieth Richards of the Rolling Stones called for his stash.

Mylon told Kieth, I’m a new creature in Christ and I’m not doing all that anymore.  To which Kieth Richards reportedly said, “I don’t want to hear this.  This is me you’re talking too.”  When Eric Clapton called, Mylon told him the same thing.

Mylon told us that Eric became humble and said, “Oh good, hey I need a lot of prayer, Mylon.”  Eric has apparently always had belief in his heart in spite of his troubled life which reached a horrible pitch when his four year old son died after falling out of a 53 story window in New York.

Eric’s grief was the inspiration for his acoustic guitar focus a few years ago and the song Tears in Heaven and the acoustic version of Layla his great Derek and the Dominoes hit he recorded with Duane Allman.

Further On Up The Road, The Last Waltz

I think it was 1978 when The Band filmed their Thanksgiving Day concert, The Last Waltz, which included Bob Dylan, Ringo Star, Neil Young, Judy Collins and Eric Clapton among the star studded group of artists the Band had backed over the years through the sixties and seventies.

Here: Eric Clapton and Robbie Robertson Last Waltz:  “Further On Up The Road”

Eric Clapton had played a song called Further On Up The Road cutting (as blues players do) with Robbie Robertson.  No contest then.  Eric Clapton is clearly in a class of few real peers in regard to guitar talent.  Eric sort of laughed at one point with Robbie trying his best to keep up.

Two Blues Man Rockers At Work

Not so at the Royal Albert Hall beside Joe Bonamassa who proved to the world he is every bit the Blues Rock Guitarist Eric Clapton is.  Here it is Joe Bonamassa and Eric Clapton Further on up the Road.  “You Gotta Reap Just What You Sow”  It’s scripture stated by Jesus.

                 Royal Albert Hall:  Further On Up The Road 

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