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Born On The Bayou, Sort Of

OK let’s wade on in.  Some of you know I grew up in Louisiana.  Some of you stereotype and think that means backwards thinking redneck or some such nonsense.  John Fogerty is one of my favorite artists but he was not born on the Bayou.

John is from a little outside San Francisco and even his persona is great art.  Those snapping turtles, water moccasins, and alligators would eat California boys alive.  From age 5 I lived among them frolicking and playing.

I probably know more about them than any college professor.  Until  eleven years of age I was in those swampy woods and up to my waist in that water full of hurtful things.  Things that fascinated me and the created adventure was mine.

The Moon Shot

Dad was a bomber and missile designer from Washington State.  He grew up in Yakima Washington and ended up earning his engineering degree in Seattle while working for Boeing.

So thousands of us were displaced and went to live in Houston, New Orleans, then across the lake in Slidell, Huntsville, Alabama, Cape Canaveral and all points in between across the south to “Land men on the moon and bring them back safely in this decade” as John F. Kennedy (paraphrased) decided we should do.

So my experience in Louisiana was being among the gathering of geniuses and near geniuses who pulled together and worked to win the space race as it was called in the fifties and early sixties.  It was all about science.  Mostly Physics.

Zero To Six Thousand MPH in 2.5 Seconds 

The problem my dad and his team mates were given was, how to force an Olympic sized swimming pool full of kerosene and liquid oxygen through five engines in 2.5 minutes to produce 8 million pounds of thrust to lift Saturn V off the launch pad at zero miles per hour and achieve the first 6,000 miles per hour to reach escape velocity to clear the earth’s gravitational field.

The energy expended in that 2 and a half minutes would have lit New York City for 75 minutes.  A controlled explosive beginning to the “moon shot” as we all called it.  Rocket Dyne designed the engines and Boeing designed the fuel deliver system for the fist stage of the Saturn V.

Now we live in a world where everything is called science.  Janitors I have heard called Sanitation Engineers.  On and on and George Bush who gave us the 1940’s style invasion of the middle east after the terror attacks on the Great City, the City of Power, Babylon the Great, a type of the final destruction of Babylon, predicted in the Bible.

Stuck in the Sixties was a skit on Saturday Night Live.  Stuck in the Forties is the George Bush response to a handful of madmen hijacking airplanes and flying them, full of innocent people into buildings full of innocent people.  Not incredibly efficient or bright.  Near null neuro-set.

The Null Set And The Caliphate

Speaking of null neuro-sets we can look at it from this angle.  Weapons of mass destruction not found in Iraq whether moved or not, the war started by neuro-null Bush disturbed the balance of power in the area leaving a free hand for the Islamist whose one goal PERIOD is ruling the world in their religious Caliphate every human on the face of the earth in submission.

That is the single minded aim of the Islamist’s, as they are called.  While the more tame ones it is claimed are not like that Islam is peaceful.  I call them good Germans.  This war on the non-Muslim world has been systematically waged for fourteen hundred years and they know what they are doing.

I recommend Walid Shoebat’s book “God’s War On Terror Islam Prophecy and the Bible” for any who want to know more.  Especially for you Muslims because you will get the truth from him.  He was a Muslim until he compared the Bible to the Qu’ran.  Sam Harris speaks ill of you not understanding this is how you were raised.  I don’t speak ill because I care about you and want you to know the truth.  Salvation is found only in Jesus, not glorious suicide to further Islam.

Sam Harris And The Evolutionists Ignore Science



Sam Harris champions his ill thoughts about religion, including both Islam and Christianity because he demands evidence ridiculing faith on the alleged rigors of science.  Pardon me, I am chuckling.

Russel Humphreys developed from measured data, on more time MEASURED DATA.  One more time he took measured data and developed his theory here I present a paper published By Dr Humphreys written on laymen’s level most can follow:

The Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Young

By Dr. Russel Humpheys Ph.d; Sunday August 1, 1993.

“The earth’s magnetic field is a powerful witness for a world much younger than the billions of years required by evolutionary theories. Let’s start the story with the most prominent feature of the field today–its very rapid decay.

The Field Is Decaying Rapidly

The average “intensity” of the earth’s magnetic field has decreased exponentially by about 7% since its first careful measurement in 1829.[1] The field’s intensity includes components of strength and direction and tells us the amount of force turning a compass needle northward. By estimating the field intensity everywhere (in, on, and above the earth), we can calculate the total electrical “energy” stored in the field. Such calculations show that the total energy in the field has decreased by about 14% since 1829.

This rapid decay of both energy and intensity was not widely known, even among scientists, until Dr. Thomas Barnes, a creationist physicist, began publicizing it in 1971.[2] He pointed out that such a decay would occur very naturally if the electrical current producing the field were slowly losing energy because of the electrical resistance of the core.[3] This theory is called “free decay.” The observed decay rate is exactly what one would expect from the electrical properties of the materials most likely to be in the core.[4]

Evolutionary Theories Haven’t Worked

The free-decay theory contradicts the evolutionary “dynamo” theories, which claim that complex processes in the earth’s core have converted heat energy into electrical energy, much like an electric generator, maintaining the field for billions of years.[5] Many intelligent scientists have been working on dynamo theories for over four decades without great success. Furthermore, recent measurements of electric currents in the sea floor weigh heavily against the most popular class of dynamo theories.[6]

Thus evolutionary dynamo theories do not have a good explanation for the rapid decay of the field, whereas the free-decay theory does. However, our historical data on the intensity of the field only goes back to 1829. Was the field decaying before that? Fortunately, there is a scientific way to answer that question.

“Archaeomagnetism” is the study of the magnetization of bricks, pottery, campfire stones, and other man-related objects studied by archaeologists. Iron oxides in those objects retain a record of the strength and direction of the earth’s magnetic field at the time they last cooled to normal temperatures. Archaeomagnetic data taken worldwide show that the intensity of the earth’s magnetic field was about 40% greater in 1000 A.D. than it is today, and that it has declined steadily since then.[7]

Such a rapid decay could not have been going on continuously for millions of years, because the field would have to have been impossibly strong in the past in order for it to still exist today. Creationists of the 1970s extrapolated today’s decay back into the past, showing that the field could not be more than about 10,000 years old, assuming a constant decay of intensity.

Unfortunately, the archaeomagnetic data do not support that assumption.[7] Instead, the data show that the field intensity at the earth’s surface fluctuated wildly up and down during the third millennium before Christ (see figure 1). A final fluctuation slowly increased the intensity until it reached a peak (50% higher than today) at about the time of Christ. Then it began a slowly accelerating decrease. By about 1000 A.D., the decrease was nearly as fast as it is today.

Figure 1

The Field Has Reversed Direction Many Times

“Paleomagnetism” is the study of magnetization locked into rocks at the time of their formation. Paleomagnetic data show that while the geologic strata were being laid down, the earth’s magnetic field reversed its direction hundreds of times. Reversals are a very severe departure from steady decay of intensity.

Both archaeomagnetic and paleomagnetic data contradict the early creationist assumption of constant decay of intensity. In 1988 I published a review paper documenting the great diversity and reliability of the data.[8]

A Creationist Theory for Reversals and Fluctuations

The validity of the data required a new theory to explain them. In 1986 I suggested that strong flows of the fluid in the earth’s core could produce rapid reversals of the field during and after the Genesis flood.[9] The resulting disturbances in the core would cause the field intensity at the earth’s surface to fluctuate up and down for thousands of years afterwards.

This “dynamic-decay” theory is a more general version of the free-decay theory, since it takes account of motions in the core fluid. Dynamic decay explains the main features of the data, especially several features evolutionists find puzzling. In 1988, startling new evidence was found for the most essential prediction of my theory–very rapid reversals;[10] and in 1990, I showed a specific physical mechanism for such reversals.[11]

The Field’s “Energy” Has Always Decreased

According to the dynamic-decay theory, the “energy” in the field has always decreased rapidly. In fact, the energy loss during reversals and fluctuations would have been even faster than today’s rate. This information allows us to estimate the age of the field.

The data and the dynamic-decay theory imply that, ever since creation, the field has always lost at least half its energy every 700 years. Figure 2 illustrates the factors involved. The maximum energy in the figure comes from another theory I proposed about the nature of the field when God created the earth, a theory which successfully predicted space probe measurements of planetary magnetic fields.[12] Extrapolating today’s energy decay rate back (along the dotted straight line labeled “free decay”) to that limit yields a maximum age of 8700 years. According to the dynamic-decay theory, the true age would be less than that because of extra losses during the reversals and fluctuations. The solid line (labeled “dynamic decay”) shows that with a significant loss of energy during the Genesis flood, the age of the field would be about 6000 years.

Figure 2

Are There Any Loopholes in the Logic?

The precise age limits above depend not only on the dynamic decay theory, but also on the theory of planetary magnetic-field origins. However, we can still set a rough maximum to the initial energy from basic physical considerations, as Dr. Barnes has done.[2] Such a maximum would limit the age to roughly 10,000 years.

It is also possible that a small percentage of today’s energy decay is not free decay, due to the core’s electrical resistance; but rather is dynamic decay, due to residual motions in the core fluid. In that case, the resistance of the core would be less, and the maximum age of the field would be greater. But even in this extreme case, the maximum age would still be only about 100,000 years, far short of the billions of years evolution needs.


At present, the only working theory for the origin, fluctuations, rapid reversals, and decay of the field is a creationist theory–a theory that fits all the data. Thus, according to the best theory and data we have, the earth’s magnetic field certainly is less than 100,000 years old; very likely less than 10,000 years old, and fits in well with the face-value Biblical age of 6,000 years.


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* At time of publication, Dr. Humphreys was an ICR Adjunct Professor of Physics and a physicist at Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquergue, New Mexico. The Laboratories have not supported this work.

Cite this article: Humphreys, D. R. 1993. The Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Young. Acts & Facts. 22 (8).”

More Science Ignored

Here I share another scientific paper which claims the needed length of time for evolution between reversals of the magnetic field here at every 100,000 to 50 million years, or not.

Click title to read the article:

Earth’s Magnetic North Pole Has Officially Moved (Toward Russia)

By Trevor NaceScience Explore More

Trevor here adds the hundred thousand to fifty million years because that is how he was raised as a scientist.  Same as any other religion, unfortunately.

Add these points of evidence whereby beginning in the 1960’s Paleontologists began finding soft tissue in dinosaur and other fossilized remains and writing their findings in Peer Reviewed Scientific Journals.

  • Published: 

Cells, Collagen Fibrils and Vessels in Dinosaur Bone

    • R. PAWLICKI,
    • A. KORBEL &
    • H. KUBIAK
    • 71 Accesses

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COLLAGEN has been found in mummified human remains several thousand years old, and in mastodon bones preserved under permafrost conditions. It has been stated that bone fragments after glacier preservation had all the appearances of a fresh bone1. Studies on Pleistocene bones have demonstrated that it is also possible to observe collagen and other organic materials in a fossil bone2,3. Electron micrographs of fossil bones of a deer-like animal from the Miocene (25 million years old) revealed collagen fibrils and the intact walls of canaliculi4. There have also been reports of striated muscle fibres, epithelial cells and melanophores being found in tissues of specimens from the Eocene (40 million years old) deposits of Geiseltal (eastern Germany)5. Furthermore, electron microscope investigations of patches of almost completely demineralized bone of a dinosaur from the Upper Trias (200 million years old), and the dermal armour of Devonian ostracoderms, have revealed a fibrillar structure, while a further examination of the same material showed a mixture of mineral and collagen patterns6. Analysis of fishes from the Middle Devonian (380 million years old) has indicated that degradation products of collagen can still be recognized. More recently7,8, it has been demonstrated that fossil dentine and bone-like tissues in Devonian ostracoderms can be decalcified and sectioned on a microtome. The presence in these tissues of polysaccharides as well as collagen has been indicated.”

Mary Schweitzer’s Science In Smithsonian Magazine


Here is Mary Schweitzer’s work as reported in Smithsonian Magazine, her work actually hijacked by evolutionist professor Jack Horner pressuring her for a conclusion of old earth theory along with those of his ilk whom are riveted on the Religion er … uh … Scientific Paradigm of the millions and millions of years necessary for Dr. Richard Dawkins to evolve from a turnip.

Actual Indication:  “There is carbon and soft tissue in the 4500 (or so) years old dinosaur bones piled in millions of places around the earth with mammals also, found almost exclusively on high ground, like Montana, where the poor animals herded themselves to avoid drowning.”

This is a very plausible explanation for what is actually seen here on the earth.

Add Mark Armitage who after Mary Schweitzer found the T-Rex soft tissue bankrolled his own paleo-vacation to Hell’s Creek in Montana and found a Triceratops Horn exposed to the elements and being a Miscoroscopist running the Electron Microscope Lab in California State Northridge was also a tissue expert, not a bone assembler like Mary and Jack, Mark isolated soft tissue and dinosaur bone cells.

Mark, as a good scientist following where the science evidence leads published his research in


Mark Armitage Science, Abuse and Lawsuit

Here is a micro history of Mark’s story finding the horn, publishing a paper and then being drummed out as Mary Schweitzer would have been also had she not cooperated in the Old Earth Paradigm.

“The plaintiff, Mark Armitage, managed the Northridge biology department’s electron and confocal microscopy suite starting in 2010. In 2012, during a digging trip to Montana’s well-known Hell Creek Formation, he found a massive triceratops horn. Beyond its unusually large size, Armitage found something even more significant inside: soft tissue.

While dinosaur soft tissue finds are not unprecedented, they are extremely rare because the tissue simply doesn’t preserve like the hard mineral parts — think bones and teeth — that make up most fossils. Other scientists have offered explanations for the preservation of soft tissue that fit within the scientific consensus on when the dinosaurs lived, tens of millions of years ago, namely the presence of iron. Yet for Armitage his discovery offered proof of his young-Earth creationist view.

Because the tissue “looked alive” under a microscope and because no soft tissue had ever been found in a triceratops horn up until that point, he believed the find to be just 4,000 years old, according to the suit. While paleontologists find the timeline off in just about every way, that’s the kind of analysis that appeals to those who take the Bible as a literal guide to world history.

Armitage published his findings in 2013 in Acta Histochemica, a peer-reviewed journal, leaving out his interpretation of the tissue’s age. But he engaged students he was training in a Socratic dialogue about the possible age of the horn — one of whom enthusiastically shared the conversation with a faculty member in the biology department, according to the suit. The professor allegedly entered Armitage’s office and said, “We are not going to tolerate your religion in this department.”

More From Mark Armitage

Taken from an article by Colleen Flaherity in Inside Higher Education entitled A Creationist’s Victory.

Lets let Mark Speak for himself:  HERE        

And his presentation on his work on the soft tissue with video and in depth scientific (actual science) explanation.  HERE

Mark has predicted soft tissue in the fossil record is the norm as Dr. Humphreys predicted the magnetic fields of Neptune and Uranus later verified by the Voyager space probe.

My Evolving Work

And as many have seen June 7, 2020 thru June 27, 2020 From scripture I have shown the statistics surrounding the predictions in the Bible involve precise word problems and the series 1/10 X 1/9 X 1/8 X 1/7 X 1/6 X 1/5 X 1/4 X 1/3 X 1/2 X 1/1 = 2.75 X 10^ (-7) to one that God did not write the 66 books of the Bible through the 40 authors across 3500 years.

As I have said, it does not matter that I am a Zionist because God is a Zionist.  Further it does not matter if you ridicule me as a creationist because God is a Creationist as the Creator.  Jesus is his Son,  He died to save the world from sin.  No it does not matter if I am called an infidel because on that basis God is an infidel.  I’m betting on Jehovah.  Place your bets.

Thank you for reading my post.  Thank you for visiting my site.  Please if you have any questions leave for me here below and I will answer you.  Please leave any comments there also.  Please come again I will be writing more soon.  Thank you again.  Chris.





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