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Eric Clapton And Duane Allman

Eric Clapton is an institution in the blues rock genre of music.  Eric Clapton’s guitar has been the Fender Stratocaster as a staple of his persona for 40 plus years.  Duane Allman of Allman Brothers fame was on track to become as iconic as Eric Clapton.

Duane actually composed with Eric inventing the signature lead guitar line in Eric’s Derek and the Dominoes iconic song Layla.  Incredibly we had Eric Clapton playing Rhythm guitar behind another guitar great on that song.  Then twin slide guitars for the last 2/3 of the famed song.

Sounding like violin it is so well played by these two great guitarists.  Here is the YouTube Sampler of Duane Allman’s Anthology Album where he also played behind other great artists to include Wilson Picket, Boz Scaggs, The Hourglass (Greg Allman’s Band), Aretha Franklin, Eric Clapton, Derek and the Dominoes and his band the with brother Greg the Allman Brothers Band, among other greats of sixties Popular Music.

An Antholgy (Duane Allman) Sampler

Duane Allman Taken From Us Young

Duane Allman was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident in his hometown of Macon, Georgia on October 29, 1971.  He was only 24 years old, but already a widely and well known blues guitar player in the vein of Eric Clapton.  Duane Allman’s Anthology includes volume 2 also, amazing for a 24 year old guitar player.  Two four disc sets.  He played with everyone it seems.  Same can be said of Eric Clapton who has proven the ultimate survivor.

Duane Allman’s signature guitar was his vintage 1959 Gibson Les Paul.  A small fortune for one of these now, these could be had for a few hundred dollars in the sixties and seventies.  The folks at Gibson reissued the 1959 Les Paul.  Still not cheap they are built as close to the way Gibson built the 2,000 Les Paul’s they produced between 1958 and 1960.  The originals like the one Duane Allman played can sell for several hundred thousand dollars.


Gibson Les Paul Reissue

This is a picture of the Gibson 1959 Reissue guitar which sells for (are you ready) $ 6000 dollars.  Click on the image and you’ll see the Les Paul 60s Standard Guitar which is more reasonable.  zZounds has sold all their 1959 Reissue Guitars.  Go check it out today and get very near Duane Allman’s sound.  Next time we will talk about the vintage amplifiers used by these two magnificent guitar players.

Eric Clapton played Gibson Guitars when he was the guitar player in the Psychedelic band Cream in the late sixties.  George Harrison a good friend of Eric’s gave him a Fender Stratocaster and he liked it so well he retired his Les Paul and Gibson 175 in favor of a newer bluer fender sound.

Eric Clapton Artist Series Signature Stratocaster

Eric has not gone for vintage instruments (Duane’s guitars were not expensive vintage guitars either while he was alive) rather Eric has teamed up with Fender to authorize the Eric Clapton Artist Signature Series Stratocaster.  These began as guitars custom built to Eric’s specs. They include his specified neck profile, radius, nut width and the TBX and Mid Boost control integrated into the two tone knobs.

The guitar also features Fender Vintage Noiseless Pickups.  Originally in the eighties and nineties the Eric Clapton Signature guitars featured Lace Sensor Pickups which were silent not having the troublesome 60 cycle buzz that comes with single coil pickups.  Fender designed the noiseless series to get closer to their vintage sound without the single coil noise.  They delivered pickups that satisfy even Eric Clapton.

To zZounds
Eris Clapton Signature Series


Eric may have had a say in the price range here since this time we have a top flight professional instrument specked to the iconic artist’s demands and this one comes in at a much more affordable price for a made in USA guitar.  They say Eric’s net worth is in the hundreds of millions so he does not need the money we’d bet.  He collects Ferrari Automobiles.

I wanted to show you these two guitars.  I’m torn because I do like the way Les Paul’s sound.  However, I prefer the Fender Strat for the way they play.  The noiseless pickups are a great improvement and the TBX control and the mid boost control add some diversity in the sound structure for the Stratocaster.  See them at zZounds today.


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