Many Will Be Deceived In The Last Days – In The Last Days

Original Deception

In the last days people are deceived about the first days.  The lie is the source of deception.  The lie finds its power in the first days.  Did God really say?

Those words along with sensuality were the beginning of the lie.  The lie in its foundation is “you will be like God because your eyes will be opened.”

The “fruit was pleasing to the eye.”  “The fruit was valuable for gaining wisdom.”  Yahweh told Moses these things, as God asked Job, “Were you there when I set the foundation of the earth?”


The Light

As a mechanical engineer, I am familiar all facets of physics.  This includes astronomy and the vast distances between the galaxies.  It is impossible for light at velocity of 186,000 miles per second to have traversed in a few thousand years?  YES!

But if you light a candle in the hallway right next to me we have light.  Then if you walk away down the hallway that light leaves growing darkness between us.  If the hallway were a football field long in under a minute the light still traveling at 186,000 mph is a mere dot in the darkness.

God told Moses he said, “Let there be light and there was light.”  God saw the light and the light was good.  THEN, “God separated the light from the darkness.”  Hint:  You live in the neighborhood of the singularity as scientists and alleged scientists call it.  The point of first movement.


My Books

I have published two books.  I was initially hesitant to open the flood gates on what the math told me because of the common paradigm concerning Europe as the seven horned ten crowned beast on which the woman of Revelation 17 (The Harlot) rides.

I recommend the second book Misquoting Calculus What Isaac Newton Tried To Tell Bart Ehrman.  Ehrman is a college professor and a textual critic who claims the Scriptures of the New Testament have been changed.

Ehrman believes Jesus was merely a failed apocalyptic false prophet elevated to become God by his followers.  His nonsense is shot dead by the math problems I’ve revealed in my books.

God, himself boasts through Isaiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, Moses and Revelation that this is all in his Word. I prove it by the math, as Isaac Newton proved physics inventing calculus the math of changing rates.

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The Powerful Delusion

In our days, the last days, we who belong to Christ see clearly the “powerful delusion” sent from God on those who refuse to “love the truth and so be saved.”  2 Thessalonians 2:

“The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, 10 and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11 For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie 12 and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.” (NIV)

It was about 150 years ago an intelligent man named Darwin did a very limited investigation, due to his seat in history looking into the diverse species on earth.  Darwin was not an atheist.  By the end of his life, beginning as a Unitarian he called himself an agnostic.

He wrote “On The Origin Of The Species” in 1859 a book that put forth a limited theory as to how the diverse species appeared on earth.  Darwin was observing the animal kingdom as a Naturalist.


Religion Of Evolution

From his theory of evolution for 170 years now numerous alleged scientists have walked into the earth in many fields looking for one thing in their specialized tunnel visions that being “confirmation of Darwin’s theory.”  The paradigm has overcome rationality inasmuch as no alternative theory or facts are to be considered.

Clearly those proselytes of the religion of Evolution have worshiped a false God and ignored all the actual evidence, drawing diagrams of descent they showed me one hundred years later telling me this is where we came from.

I remember watching one of those AV films with the noisy projector in Junior High and being very unimpressed and not convinced by Lucy and Dr. Louis Leaky and his claims about skeletal remains as the “missing link.”  No, I was not a Christian in those days by any stretch.  So my sketicism of Leaky Bucket was genuine doubt.

I suggest they have not found the missing link because there is no missing link.  The genetic science and claims are even less convincing to me.  Dr. Janeson a Harvard Educated genetic scientist has begun to map the migrations of man on earth, using mtDNA (Mitochondrial DNA passed only from mother to son) which provides markers in two to three mutations per generation.  This is a traceable bread crumb trail, if you will.


The Lord Of The Turnips

However, for the “oh so rational my brothers” (Clockwork Orange) scientists whose actual field is ignorance, definition, “Willful science of ignoring the facts” such as the Troll, Richard Dawkins offer this as profound evidence because they do not have any evidence:

“Evolution is a fact. Beyond reasonable doubt, beyond serious doubt, beyond sane, informed, intelligent doubt, beyond doubt evolution is a fact. The evidence for evolution is at least as strong as the evidence for the Holocaust, even allowing for eye witnesses to the Holocaust. It is the plain truth that we are cousins of chimpanzees, somewhat more distant cousins of monkeys, more distant cousins still of aardvarks and manatees, yet more distant cousins of bananas and turnips…continue the list as long as desired. That didn’t have to be true. It is not self-evidently, tautologically, obviously true, and there was a time when most people, even educated people, thought it wasn’t. It didn’t have to be true, but it is. We know this because a rising flood of evidence supports it. Evolution is a fact, and this book will demonstrate it. No reputable scientist disputes it, and no unbiased reader will close the book doubting it.”  Richard Dawkins from Greatest Show On Earth


Geological Evidence

But the geology shows vast plates of sediment indicating for certain a flood covered the earth and paleontologists find massive numbers of skeletal remains piled by the tens of thousands on the high ground, like the Hell Creek Formation in Montana, where they sought refuge from the rising waters.

Of course the theory of evolution paradigm as The Lord of the Turnips says here above is “[b]eyond reasonable doubt” and therefore no scientist considers these clear geological clues.  One hundred foot thick seams of coal must be formed from one thousand foot thick piles of vegetation.

The Grand Canyon was not formed by the Colorado river over millions and millions of years because there are no evidence of erosion channels essentially perpendicular to the river which must be there if the layers were deposited over vast periods and exposed in between depositing.


Mary, Mark and Jack

Mark Armitage, after Mary Schweitzer found soft tissue in a Tyrannosaur femer, being a microscopist (Microscope and Tissue scientist) made a trip to Hell Creek to find a dinosaur bone to analyse it for himself.  Mark found soft tissue in the bone as Mary had also.  He was fired from his position as Electron Microscope Laboratory Supervisor when he published his findings in a peer reviewed science journal.

Mary Schweitzer displeased Jack Horner and her peers with her published findings.  She back pedaled trying to get back in good graces and did a very unrealistic (non sensible … nonsensical) procedure to claim Iron in blood preserved the soft tissue for hundreds of millions of years.

I witnessed an online interview with Jack Horner the dino-chicken king (Jack where’s the Dino-chicken you promised us?) who refuses to carbon date dinosaur bones as “not actually science” because when you staunchly refuse to let go of millions and millions of years to allow for Darwinian Religion you already know there can’t be any carbon in those millions and millions of years old fossils.

Mark Armitage predicted “soft tissue in dinosaur bones [and they are bones] as the norm”.  Mark has dated the Triceratops horn to 30,000 years or so.  Mark explains he believes the soft bone tissue in the interior of the horn will bring the date down considerably.



Assumptions AssOfYouAndMe

Assumptions made in scientific investigation are a fact of life.  No one was there when God set the foundation of the earth and we don’t have measurements of the amount of Carbon 12 or Carbon 14.  The assumption was made therefore that the ratio of Carbon 14 and Carbon 12 have been constant.  And if not the dating by carbon half-life is inaccurate.

We know for certain other types of radiometric dating are questionable if not inaccurate.  Mount Saint Helens exploded on May 18, 1980.  Rock from that explosion was sent to labs in blind study the lab technicians not aware they were testing 10 year old rocks came back with dates in the millions of years range.

It is alleged the one sending the rocks intentionally ordered an inappropriate test Brian Dunning on Skeptoid makes a fair assessment of both sides of the matter.  What we have here is a clear case of GIGO.  Garbage In Garbage Out.

The Wicked Will Perish

The wickedness that the apostle Paul said was delighted in by those who reject the truth seems to be very evident especially in the last twenty five years.  Gay pride has become a litmus test for worthiness as human or not with the special label homophobic if you remain faithful and believe what the Bible teaches.

Ghislaine Maxwell is currently in a New England jail as a pedophile accomplice of Jefferey Epstein (committed suicide) claiming she has video tapes of world leaders in sex acts with minors.

Sixty millions of abortions have killed babies in the womb in the US since 1973 and this entire populace is divided right down the middle on these moral issues with millions thinking abortion up to birth is perfectly acceptable.  Others call for exterminating the elderly who become infirm and of no further use to the younger members of society.

Men (and women) have gone from Eve’s desiring to be like God to thinking they are God.  Nimrod and the citizens of Babel decided they would play God and rumors and whispers of the Illuminati etc., speak of a still living plot to await the return of Jesus and kill him and to assert their own will above what God prophesied and what he binds himself to for fulfillment.  They are dealing here with unfathomable power and ability.

God’s Predicted Objective Evidence

He has not missed yet.  That is what the math in my books and in the posts from July 7, 2020 thru July 26, 2020 here in this blog proves beyond any doubt.  Statistics, in spite of the perverted use by politicians and the press, is a hard mathematical science and as Newton’s proofs define physics from the calculus so my proofs define the Lord’s Boasts as evidenced to his Glory.

Right now the statistics I’ve provided on objective fulfillment of God’s foretelling, stands at “1/15 x 1/ 14 x 1/ 13 x 1/12 x 1/11 x 1/10 x 1/9 x 1/8 x 1/7 x 1/6 x 1/ 5 x 1/4 x 1/3 x 1/2 x 1 =

7.647163731819816e-13  = 0.000000000000765  How many of you would concede that is zero?

One chance in 7.65 Trillion (only the government can understand numbers this big) that the God of the Bible did not write the 60 books of the Bible through the 40 authors across the time span of 3,500 years.”

A Third Book

Clearly the wicked are under a powerful delusion.  As Paul says, They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11 For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie 12 and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.” (NIV)

Soon I plan to publish a new book focused on the objective fulfillment from God and the math to include the statistics.  This book and Misquoting Logic are concise evangelism tools to show friends and loved ones that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob IS. To preserve alive in the Spirit many young who might me subjected to the ideas of the wicked. I have already told you they teach HOG WASH and nothing else in most Universities.  Further, that Jesus is the Messiah and died for the sins of the world and was raised again to life the third day as the witnesses testify.  That is the entire purpose for any of us in Christ to remain.  We must do his will.  “No one lights a lamp and hides under a basket.”

Thank you for visiting my site and reading my posts.  Please leave any questions here below along with your valued comments.  Thank you again.  Chris.







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