Delerium Innocente – Politically Divided America

Delerium Innocente i.e Delerium of the Innocents or the childlike.  Interesting the definition of delerium includes the modifiers deception, misleading, deluding, fooling, trickery.

Yesterday I walked into a shop.  I had forgotten my mask.  Trust that I am not a believer.  Oh things like, “remember” the virus was going to die off when it got hot out. But that is not expedient.

The childlike have become great believers.  I called it Baloney Virus for the first few months. Now I call it Election Virus.  Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer as the press’ favorite Democrat spokespeople continuously try to manipulate and hang blame on President Trump.


So when I forgot my mask the manager says, “Where’s your mask, in an authoritative tone.”  I said, seriously, they don’t do anything.  He says, “Well I’m not a doctor.”

Doctors for those who defer to experts, diagnose disease in the human body.  They do not as a matter of dependability diagnose social order and the spread of disease in the main.

So where do these pandemics stop?  Anyone need only announce a new pandemic to bring the house of man to a grinding halt?  The latest scuttlebutt stops society in its tracks?


Joe Biden whom we have seen ignoring the initial hysteria now makes hay out of the President’s alleged delaying the necessary terror and that fart with ears Bob Woodward slithers in, doing phone interviews with Donald Trump and writes his Democrat pre election promotional narrative.

I am of the opinion where the Swine Flue and the Hong Kong flu and the regular old flue kill and have killed way more people this is the most irresponsible political display of deception I have ever witnessed.

A President who would come out like these two pop-tarts recommend after the fact, hypocritically by the way and create a panic would be the ultimate Chinese leader in our White House.


I am watching a high school football game streaming whilst I write.  Two tickets for each player so there are less than 300 spectators in the home team stands.  When does this nonsense stop?

And how easy will it be for the Chinese or whomever to start another one of these up the next time?  Vaccine?  Put it in the hole the Lord already provided.  Bill Gates who is on the “REDUCTION OF WORLD POPULATION” to 500,000,000 team wants to give us all a little shot as example.

Communicable disease actually works like this.  You are exposed and your God given defense system produces anti-bodies that destroy the biological agent attacking your system.

Yes, special care must be taken with anyone particularly vulnerable such as those with chronic conditions and the aged.  Children on the other hand need to develop antibodies.  Most adults weather this with ease.  I saw a meme on the internet an Amish guy was asked how come COVID is not affecting you people.  He replied:  “We don’t have TV.”


So on the radio today I heard encouraging news.  Someone got to a federal court with a lawsuit against the governor and state officials in Pennsylvania suing them for unconstitutional lockdown and the closing of certain of the peoples’ businesses in the name of public safety.

Game over, Penn.  It is unconstitutional for the states to interfere in the public commerce for any reason at all.  They can’t make you wear a stupid face mask in public either.  You have the right to private property there in the Fifth Amendment.

Football and basketball and baseball games and rock concerts and church is all back to normal too under the federal court ruling. The society cannot be vulnerable to the whim of government claiming they are shutting everything down in the name of the public safety.


In the name of public safety several states have mailed out ballots numbering 80,000,000 we are told.  The guest sharing the Penn. federal court ruling said Penn. is placing bins on the street for ballots without any oversight or validation.

Now in the middle of the already divisive national mood with the Democrats having injured themselves in the eyes of many Americans in their encouragement of the Antifa and BLM (why are they mostly white?) violence, in the streets, Ruth Bader Ginzburg has died.

With forty some days left until the next presidential election Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell has announced he will hold proceedings and a vote on President Trump’s nominee to fill the vacant seat.

The spectacle is already colorful with many Democrats, such as AOC threatening revolution which will, if it arrives be quelled very quickly and we predict the last hurrah of the radical elements in the Democrat Party’s extremist wing.

The American People are growing weary of the attempt to manipulate them through violence and Sixties-esque displays and the silent majority is about to speak.  The quote attributed to Lincoln “You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time.  But you cannot fool all of the people all of the time” is clearly on display here.  Election day will tell.

I’m predicting a Republican Win across the board.

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