Kyle Rittenhouse Self Defense – President Trump Rally Today


Kyle Rittenhouse Self Defense (Video below)

The charge against Kyle Rittenhouse is the hate crime.  Here below Tucker Carlson has shared actual video footage of the shootings by Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin for which he has been charged with murder.

Here we have the real story from Kenosha and the “violent illegal riots of radicals” among BLM, Antifa and their radical supporters, many in the Democrat Party and the Mainstream Media.  So sue me!  I dare you.

I share this primarily for my own grandkids so they get a taste of reality and suggest you also view them and share them with your own children and grandchildren whom are being duped by the academic elite and the miserable FAKE NEWS MEDIA.

Complete video documentation of all three shootings by Kyle Rittenhouse.  Looks like cut and dried self defense to me.    HERE

President’s Florida Rally

Also we have video here of President Donald Trump speaking for himself substantially laying out his vision for our great nation.  Note he was elected in 2016 saying these very same things and he is still strongly in touch with both reality and the citizens.

Of course from the mainstream FAKE NEWS MEDIA we get how horrible Trump is because he is against their globalist Utopia they believe they can have if they can get most folks on the Marxist track to Make America CUBA.

Joe Biden will get him some fatigues and grow a beard for the part if dictator until he drops dead and Kamala (we’re going to get you Trumpers) Harris who was already soundly rejected as the Democrat nominee by the voters but resurrected by Creepy Joe, China’s chosen representative in the US Senate.  So sue me!  Again, I dare you.

President Donald J. Trump Florida Rally HERE.

Democrat Bolshevik Revolution

For you people who may not understand the Brown Shirt Nazis created havoc in German Society in the 1930’s, these “useful idiots” as Lenin author of the Violent Russian Bolshevik Revolution also called them.

Currently in the US thanks to manipulation in education by the likes of Obama’s friend Bill Ayers and those of his ilk along with globalists issuing “no child left behind” which sounds like a good idea but the ideas have been left behind for the indoctrination of anti-American thought.

Check out my post on the slavery issue, myself being very proud of my Northern European heritage as those who began first in France, then Britain and finally here in the USA fighting a war predominantly White Christian Republican Abolitionists in this country where 98.7 % of white Americans DID NOT OWN SLAVES (so why did your college professors fail to fill you in on this fact from the 1860 census) went to war against the predominantly white Democrat Southern Planters (1.3% of white Americans who DID OWN SLAVES) and ended the SINFUL treating human beings as property like cattle.

Reparations Owed Only By Democrats

REPARATIONS?  Get it from the Democrats, party of the KKK, and Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood (She is Hillary’s Hero) a scheme to abort as many “Black Weeds” as possible to eliminate these “inferior races.”  That is the creed of these people and evidenced in ZERO DEMOCRATS casting for the Voting Rights Act (You have the right to vote thanks to Republicans).  Looks like we have all been duped and we need to end tax support for universities.  New Abolitionists to Abolish the Democrat Marxist Indoctrination in Universities.

Here are two great Americans discussing these issues intelligently and candidly.

David J. Harris Jr. Awesome American

David J. Harris Jr. and Kim Klacik (running for Congress in Baltimore) HERE

Candace Owens Blexit Leader

Candace Owens emphasizes if you are a Black Person in America you are among the very luckiest Black People who have ever lived.  And she more intelligently discusses issues of Black Americans because she is very bright and she has set herself free.

She does such a great job I will let her speak:

Finally here we have President Trump speaking in Atlanta Georgia at Black Voices For Trump on Black Economic Empowerment.  Let the crowd’s enthusiasm when he says, the Republican is welcoming back black Americans to the party of Frederick Douglas, himself a former slave and the party of Abraham Lincoln.

Lowest black unemployment rate in history.  Largest percentage of homeownership.  And a long list to cheers.

Democrats and the press are desperate because President Trump has, along with influencers like Candace Owens and David J. Harris, Diamond and Silk, Dr. Carson and one of my favorites, now gone Herman Cain.

Here is our President.

President Trump Changing The Fortunes Of Us All

Thank you for visiting my site.  Likewise for reading my posts.  Please leave and questions, comments or hate mail below.  I will answer you.  Thank you again Chris.  PS Waiting to hear the noise when the President announces the Supreme Court nomination HE IS REQUIRED BY LAW TO MAKE (Clause 2 US Constitution).  These Democrats are not terribly on top of things.

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