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Hunter Biden Influence Peddling is coming to the light near you.  The tail of criminal complaint and federal indictment must wag the dog of the Fake New Media.  Where is the Press, when they need to be lined up against a wall along with that sniveling rat, Bob Woodward and shot for treason.  I doubt we can get a court order for that.

They claim in nefarious obfuscators conspiracy that poor Hunter is the victim of Russian disinformation shared by a clever master clandestine Russian agent giving false dope to the sucker and patsy, Rudy Giuliani (LOL) in the hard drive of Biden’s laptop copied in reality from the actual hard drive.

These copies made by John Paul MacIsaac where the inept Hunter left the hard drive and abandoned it.  This abandonment after 90 days made the hard drive the property of Mr. MacIsaac’s under Delaware law.  Here are details and numerous verifications which the FAKE NEWS say are impossible to verify.

Not Russian Disinformation, Per DNI, John Ratcliffe

FAKE NEWS as President Trump indicted CNN, MS[LSD] aka MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC and the plethora is here proven as the fact.  FAKE NEWS.  Here Maria Bartiromo, Fox Business, hosts John Ratcliffe Director of National Intelligence who affirms the Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal is NOT Russian Disinformation as the Media is reporting to provide cover for their candidate Treasonous Joe “PinnochiJoe” Biden.

Here is Ratcliffe’s resume as antiterrorist warrior in our government who now coordinates national security between the various agencies including the FBI and the fact he relates that he has his eyes on more classified and top secret documents and information than anyone else in America except the President.

He states bluntly that Adam Schiff is a liar and has ZERO intelligence for his claim the Hunter Biden lap tops abandoned at a computer repair center by the “crack head” son of Joe Biden are Russian Disinformation fed to former US Attorney D. of NY by a Russian Spy.

Rudy Giuliani in his interview with Mark Levin states flatly he received the Lap Top Hard Drive Copy, from John Paul MacIsaac then his own lawyer, former Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Costello performed analysis on the hard drive to confirm its authenticity.

John Paul MacIsaac is the computer repairman who received the lap top computers directly from Hunter Biden.  So when FAKE NEWS tells you it is impossible to verify the evidence or alternatively it is Russian Disinformation fed to Rudy Giuliani by a mysterious Russian agent the FAKE NEWS, like Schiff are LYING.

The evidence is authentic and verified by numerous sources.  FAKE NEWS and their crappola reporting might allow PinnochiJoe to be elected (but I seriously doubt it believing the polls are nonsense) but the evidence in that event will be used along with the Biden bragging video where Joe admits to bribing the government of Ukraine to Fire Viktor Shokin the prosecutor looking into Burisma at that time.

Here is video of Rudy Giuliani with his detailed explanation of his obtaining a copy of the Hard Drive from Hunter Biden’s Lap Top.  Giuliani explains also the fact of Hunter in compromising photos and video apparently with underage girls in sexual acts. HERE is the Giuliani Video on Fox with Mark Levin  The crack head is also a pedophile.  Tell us how PinnochiJoe is not potentially subject to Chinese Blackmail?

Co-Conspirators Spilling The Beans

Bevin Cooney, serving his sentence for fraud and Devon Archer awaiting sentencing are longtime Hunter Biden associates and they are also talking.  The business underlying the story here involves Hunter and his buddies monetizing Hunter’s relationship with then Vice President Joe “PinnochiJoe” Biden in regard to giving clients (is that how you label fraud perpetrators) access to the Vice President.

They both, Cooney and Archer have E mails detailing the workings of the conspiracy and how it operated.  These are aside from and in addition to the Hunter Biden hard drive E mails brought to light by Rudy Giuliani via Robert Costello and John Paul MacIsaac all verified as NOT Russian disinformation by DNI John Ratcliffe.

Cooney and Archer also with Chris Heinz step son of Frankenstein look alike the former Secretary of State John Kerry who also undoubtedly knows the facts also say Biden and Heinz got a pass on prosecution due to their high profile government relatives.  More obstruction of justice?  Breitbart Story with Video HERE. 

Tony Bobulinski

“Tony Bobulinski knows the inside details of the Hunter Biden hatched scandal and illegal course of conspiracy, and its substantive acts, in regard to Joe Biden and Jim Biden (Joe’s brother).  This time it is not in the New York Post.  That story was suppressed by the “high tech” conspirators Jack Dorsey and Mark Zukerberg (CEO’s of Twitter and Facebook repsectively).”

The CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey and the flaming, Mark Zuckerberg (CEO Facebook) are now subject subpoena to appear before the Senate to explain why we were subjected to their blocking the New York Post news article exposing the facts of the Biden Hard Drive E mails.

Allegedly the high tech platforms are not media contributors authoring and manipulating content as per rule 230 and the FCC will become involved and then all of us can sue Zuckerberg in class action and that will be fun.  Here is the news conference of Mr. Bobulinski on CNN just before the last debate the other night.

Remembering America

In 1988 Gary Hart was leading the Democrats until the media reported on Hart’s alleged affair with Model Donna Rice which reporting caused demise of Hart’s quest for the Whitehouse.

Then of course, 1973, the media went wild over Woodward and Bernstein and the Plumbers featuring G. Gordon Liddy and company and the Nixon involvement in trying to cover up Watergate.  Nixon resigned to avoid impeachment.

Now, however, in the aftermath of under the desk cigar antics BillyBob with Monica doing the actual bobbing and Down on Brown Vice Presidential candidate Kamal Harris no one cares about adultery and such.

Now the FAKE NEWS MEDIA are co-conspirators in cover ups while Woodward makes hey interviewing the current President and then indicting him for disliking Obamacare, which most people in the country don’t like either.

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