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Hello and Welcome,

This is the home page of Chris Queen.  The genuine article.  You cannot get anything here except the truth.  Recently I have updated this site, originally put in place to promote truthful relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through knowledge shared in my book.   Click on the image of the book cover to the right to read my free excerpts.

From there in a year and a half I have managed to expand my view of things in regard to online business.  There is a lot of fraudulent and semi-fraudulent offers on the internet, as you may know.  If you have landed here first you are blessed.  How to: online coach resulted from my own experience in an online marketing company.  So my aim as coach is not to teach the nuts and bolts of websites and internet affiliate marketing.  I am only a student myself.  Rather my aim is to warn you away from things you don’t need and send the play in from the sideline.  If you want to learn affiliate marketing my play call is Wealthy Affiliate because they do a fantastic job training and have the best hosting value there is.  My website there contains links for you to try it out in advance of paying a dime to test the waters, as they say.  I am proud to recommend them and know my mother and father would approve.



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