How Do You Become An Affiliate Marketer?

How To Connect The Dots

How do you become an affiliate marketer,
Practice, Practice, Practice

How do you become an affiliate marketer?  Steps to become an affiliate marketer, here.  Paul Hornung, Halfback for the Green Bey Packers in their 1960’s heyday.  He was also an avid golfer and did comical advertising spots with other retired athletes.

Paul Hornung was known for his signature line, whenever anyone would ask him how to do anything he replied, “Practice, Practice, Practice.”

Making Money Online From Home

How to become an affiliate marketer,
Real Money

How can you make money affiliate marketing (?) might be a more important question.  There are many elements that contribute to your affiliate marketing success rate. 

Skeptics claim there is a 98% failure rate.  Most who write or say this are usually selling another online method.  I don’t believe this claimed rate is necessarily telling.

Affiliate Marketing Success Strategies

Affiliate marketing success strategies means you need to have a planned intelligent approach.  The need for some sort of landing page to market your niche product is required.  It may be a single page website.

If you have a large Email list gained with the recipients’ documented permission, then you are already in a great position.  Otherwise a website on the internet makes sense.

But unless you already have some idea how, this can be intimidating.  I know it was for me.  I did not have a clue how to go about it.  I released a CD in 2014.

Get Your Feet Wet

A friend who has been a (Contemporary Christian Music) CCM recording artist since 1970 told me to put individual tracks, album download and CD’s on CDBaby.

How to become an affiliate marketer,
CD by Chris Queen

I made a fan page in facebook.  I invited many of my 5,000 facebook friends to the page.  There are audio listening samples on CD Baby.   It sat there like that until recently as I have learned much more about marketing online.

Marketing To Advertise My Business Online

In 2017 I published a book.  My publishers, Angela and Richard Hoy, gave me a promotion manual written by Richard.  They suggested a website on

They suggested the Premium Plan with WordPress support so I could get a website up and have some help to get me through the rough spots.  The cost is $ 125.00/yr. for the site, hosting and a registered domain.

For a domain name everyone suggests if you can get your name with a .com that is a good way to start.  I was shocked to find out there were other’s with my name, one of them a theology professor at Harvard.

How To Select A Domain Name For Your Business

I went with my cell phone handle, The Genuine Article again was unavailable so I added the x7 making it

How to become an affiliate marketer,

Scarecrow Wizard of OZ

I read the promotional manual the publishers had given me but it was Greek to me at many points.  Once I am finished with the training I am currently halfway finished with, I will read that manual again.

I did figure out I wanted the web address where my book was located for sale linked in my site. Premium Plan Hosting Support 

I got support to help me set up a “widget” with the cover of my book displayed.  Recently I removed text they’d set up for me, as they aren’t marketing pros.

I linked the image of the book to the author/sales page where there are free sample excerpts to read.  There is also a buy button for the Ebook(s) and Paperback(s). Less Costly/No Support

Alternative to is much cheaper the site is free and hosting is inexpensive, as low as $ 2.95 per month with remaining expense being domain registration ($26.00) has less substantial support in place, so you are going it alone.  Except for word press documents in the documentation system they have in place, from my understanding.  I have not tried it, yet.

How To Bring Traffic To Your Website

Aside from having affiliate market websites, TRAFFIC to your website is what you will need no matter your niche or offer, to promote and sell.  Affiliate marketing sales come from traffic.

How to become an affiliate marketer,
By the busload

Your affiliate marketing success depends on how well you do marketing based keyword content for your offer to bring the right people to your website site.

Plugins Needed For Optimizing Your Website

You will need plugins for your website to do research on keywords, optimizing images, sources to obtain images and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

A company named Wealthy Affiliate with whom I have gained much knowledge in regard to growing online marketing knowledge costs a bit more that and the more uncertain

Bearing in mind, however, the WordPress Premium Plan hosting for this website does not allow me the luxury of adding plugins.  Plugins would require upgrading my plan to their Business Plan costing $ 25.00 per month or $ 300.00/yr (paid in advance).

Uncertain Of The Cost For Plugins


How to become an affiliate marketer,
Stacks of Money

I have asked the support people how much SEO All in One, Ewww (image Optimization, and I already know what JAXXY (keyword search analysis) would cost.

Support refuses to tell me stating WordPress does not provide the plugins so they don’t get involved with the pricing.

In other words it might cost more than $ 300.00 per year to get Business equipped with the required plugins to be able to facilitate affiliate marketing success by any other means except dumb luck.

Google Analytics, free plugin from google, gives you a view of the behavior of those visiting your site.  It is a free app. (with a pro upgrade for a fee) and it would require the upgrade to business in order to add even that.  Sounds like a racket!

Dumb Luck

Dumb luck also makes a difference.  I recently left another online marketing company and inherited an MLM (that is their entire business) with over fifty people in my downline as they call it.

John Doe was my mentor who would not give me the one on one support and training leading me “one step at a time”, as sold.

He is one heck of a wine salesman though and now, even after I left.  I get several E mail notifications per month, from the wine company, my group is growing.  Go Here to see my website.

Hundreds Of Thousands Coming

By biding my time and waiting (at least 10 notifications per month), I will end up with a substantial residual income.  Eventually in the thousands per month.  I’m no fool!  Surf the wave!

How to become an affiliate Marketer,
Bank Vault

Wealthy Affiliate has a series of training sessions taught in easy to follow videos (50 of them in the “Online Entrepreneur Certification” course). They are also very interactive.

I can listen, rewind, listen and watch again and pause then switch to my site and Monkey See Monkey Do.  It’s fabulous.

WordPress Enterprise Hosting, Great Training, Plugins, Google Analytics and JAXXY Included In Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plan

Further, where wants $ 200.00 more per year to allow me plugins, cost unknown and allows plugins but again who knows the cost?  Wealthy affiliate includes the plugins in their Premium Plan.

JAXXY at a minimum is $ 19.00 per month on top of the $ 300.00 WordPress wants for the Business Plan and the other plugins? (???)

Google Analytics is available in Wealthy Affiliate at no cost.  SEO All In One is included, Ewww Image Optimizer and 1,000,000 royalty free images embedded also (no additional cost).

Still using WordPress (upgraded) “Enterprise”, more features than Business Plan, instead of my single website I can have 25 websites hosted and with registered domains another 25 websites.

Pages Indexed By Google Right Away The Result Of The Training

My testimony about the training is this, I worked on my first site through the training, following their instructions, for a week and a half.  I got an E mail from Kyle and Carson (the founders) telling me I had one page indexed with Google.

A couple days later I got another one telling me I had two pages indexed with google.  This is the first step to getting my site indexed and then rated so I am near the top of the search page in google, bing and yahoo.

A New Site Indexed By Google In 2 Days

Next I searched in JAXXY for a domain to host my new wine website to pursue the growth of that business.  The company is call DC Cellars.  I bought  Cost me a little over $ 10.00.  “West Coast Wine Lovers” is what I named the site.

I wrote a short post, then I put my best effort into writing a page titled D C Cellars Wine Here.  Making sure I obtained royalty free images, optimizing them with Ewww and SEO All in One, Searching keywords in JAXXY and writing the content around a couple of those keywords.

A couple days later I received an E mail from Kyle and Carson again.  Google had informed them my “SITE” is indexed in google.  I am very pleased.  I also get several notices per day now that people are following this site

The learning I am gaining at Wealthy Affiliate is beginning to pay off with increase in online traffic beginning to explode on three sites.  This is why you should be an affiliate marketer.  And Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn.

Training Progress/Growing Your Business

I am nearly halfway through the training at this point and no longer feel like I am aimlessly floundering.  This training and the features at Wealthy Affiliate are teaching me how how to successfully grow business with online marketing.

Finally, for success you will need a great niche (Kyle and JAXXY will help you) and a high commission offer.

Affiliate Marketing Commissions

Amazon sells millions of items and pays 7 % under their affiliate contract.  Selling a $ 15.00 item gets you a little over a dollar in commission.  Do that 1,000 times per month and you’re over $ 1.000.  A good start!

There are millions of people doing this and 3.5 Billion people on the internet today, there will be millions more.  As they say there’s always room at the top.

Keywords drawing traffic to your site is the first step.  My books pay me a lot more than that $ 1.00.  There is nothing to stop you from writing a book and publishing it.  Except you!

Advantage Price, Advantage Commissions

But how about a product that costs over three times Amazon’s $ 15.00 @ 7%.  How about 50% commission @ more than 3 times Amazon’s priced item.

Now, learn to sell 100 of them per month.  And add this fact:  Once you sell one you get the same 50% commission every month thereafter.

Yes I want you to make $ 2350.00 per month, for a start.  No it is not an MLM.  Straight sharing of the opportunity and ongoing commission.  Kyle does the training leaving me free to add content.

Huge Projected Income Growth

Sell 100 of these per month and in ten months it will be $ 23, 500.00.  Can you live on that?  Retire?  Throw your boss a going away party?  Or call in dead.

Value Unrivaled Wealthy Affiliate May Be The Best Niche Market Available On The Internet!!!

Yes, the product I am suggesting you offer is the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plan, along with a niche and affiliate marketing.  My customers, that’s you, get to try it for FREE (7 days free trial) then for $ 19.00 they get 30 more days to keep up with the training in the “Online Entrepreneur Certification.”  Incredible training, which would have cut four years off of my learning curve.  My Personal Results:  I’m indexed on two sites.

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Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most exciting affiliate programs available anywhere online and you can earn consistent revenue by simply referring others to the community!

You Earn
Monthly Recurring

You Too Will Have Stellar Results Following Kyle’s Instruction

What Are You Waiting For?  I have been here less than 2 1/2 months and I have doubled my previous traffic, on this website.  Because I have opportunity here to learn from many people who know.  That’s called wisdom.  Go Here to change your life beginning today.  Don’t wait another minute.  Thank you for your time.  Please join us.  I want to see you at the top.  Yours Very Truly, Chris Queen 12/09/2018.  Please do leave your comments below, I am enjoying them, and click the Follow button on the right for updates.  Thank you again.  The best day to start is today.  GO HERE NOW To get started.