How To Build A Website With WordPress

How to build a website with WordPress (??)  Building a Website with WordPress is not difficult.  Back a few years ago to build a website required knowing HTML, then the process was simplified.  WordPress has made website’s accessible to regular people like you and I.


WordPress is not expensive either.  The Premium website you are viewing now costs $ 100.00 give or take.

   WordPress  has four plans
  1. Free                    $0/mo.    (Free)
  2. Personal            $4 /mo.   (Billed Yearly)  $ 48.00
  3. Premium           $8/mo.    (Billed Yearly)  $ 96.00
  4. Business            $ 25/mo. (Billed Yearly   $ 300.00

Free Domain Registration for one year Personal, Premium and Business.


But, as the online coach, if I had it to do over again I would call the following play instead, because I am limited to only one website.  The better option is to start a free trial with Wealthy Affiliate and have the ability to build 25 websites.  The Wealthy Affiliate platform is a bargain in regard to hosting cost.


The hosting and service on the Wealthy Affiliate platform is also superior rivaling and surpassing WordPress because plugins are also included and you have another 25 sites available for your own domains which can also be purchased through their platform at discount rates.  My domain is, as example.  That would not be my domain had I gone through the training at Wealthy Affiliate first.  Included there also is JAXXY a premier keyword search tool.  Keywords are the phrases people type into their browser when searching on the internet.  Kyle will show you in the Online Entrepreneur Certification training lesson one all bout JAXXY.


Aside from the fantastic hosting and rate (leveraging 1.5 million active users) the training provided at Wealthy Affiliate is unrivaled.  After reading my page How to Start an Online Business for Free then to Wealthy Affiliate and then to the blue Sign Up button for a free 7 day test drive.  Then training on the left there will take you to “Online Entrepreneur Certification (5 courses 50 lessons).  Kyle will have you thoroughly trained in a few weeks. This is my best advice gaining access to 49 more websites overall, the fantastic training with the bargain hosting and plugins included, and as of right now I gain nothing for sharing this information with you.  It is for you benefit alone.