RORY RICORD NOT COM “Why You Might. Why You Should Not!”

Rory  “Rory Ricord NOT com” “Why You Might, Why You Should NOT” is an expose’ by a former insider to the phenomenon. During this author’s five months, there, he experienced “fair haired boy” status, for a time, then his work was stolen out from under him.  This expose’ reveals the journey he made through Blogging With Rory and the Power Blogging System, in 2018.  Rory’s Rickshaw.

Rory Ricord NOT com. 10/26/2018.  Writing from the black hole that is my Rory Ricord dot com.  My website,  Rory Ricord this author notices can be easily modified to read Rory R.I.C.O.  The man has a successful history in marketing.  However, he has been linked to shady sites according to some.  The story I heard was that he made it big marketing before the introduction of Microsoft Windows. ®  Ricord then realized the internet was the coming thing.  Consequently, he set out to find ways to market goods online.  Finally, in 2016 -though claims of inception vary- he started his current business, Rory  Recently updated to the name rrr247.

Rory is not a monster.  He’s  fairly nice guy with a claimed desire to help others.  However, there are some issues he needs to address.  People he has now and has had running things, in the recent past, are of deficient character in this author’s opinion.  Further, his narcissism is skin deep with his repeated boasting of the money he is spending to do marketing and gather leads for his system participants.  With rabid fans aboard “cheer leading” the way, things reach a worshipful like mania.  Definitely a cult mentality.

Meanwhile, after convincing many looking for a way to make money online, of panacea, the cast of characters are the usual sinners described by the apostle in Romans 1: 1-32.  Like the rest of us earth bound misfits the claim of sainthood and adoration is out of place.  There is one savior of the world and his name is not Rory Ricord.  Nor Joseph Smith, nor Brigham Young.

In May 2018, this writer had an accident on the job breaking his ribs.  Only hurts when you lay down, sit, stand, breath, laugh, cough or move.  Consequently, the writer, began searching for a a solution to the bill problem.  That is how this writer got hooked into the controversial online blogging system, Blog With Rory.

John Doe was the first to call me, after I spent my $ 77.00 to get my online business, I thought.  He informed me I had paid for the alleged “lifetime network”, and for him as one on one trainer and support.  He told me I needed a website to do business.  Called it the Power Blogging System, PBS, for short.  Spent my $87.95 on the PBS.  A day later, I got an E mail just like John Doe said I would.  It had my Pay Pal info., my link for WordPress Dashboard Access, my encrypted password my username and my URL.  Not sure who really owns the url?  All of this information is available to anyone with Goya access in Trello, password included.

Called John Doe and he spent and hour or so helping me change the links (URL’s) in one of the pages of my blog, to open in another tab and then return my traffic/customer(s) to my site.  John Doe, never mentioned editing content for original content to be considered the author by Google Adsense and rating to receive organic search traffic.  That approval, from google, monetizes a website through pay per click and the addition of more lucrative advertising placed by google.  Problem number one with the setup.  Those who dream of having a business online there, are often at the mercy of an instructor who does not know how things work, or does not care.  A friend told me John Doe got his google adsense approval in a month, twice, so he does not care.

Another observation, of potential fraud, aside from “public passwords” is the 77.00 for the network for some, is the total while others are charged an extra $47.00 often then an additional $37.00. Yes it looks like fraud. Those charged, call customer service (?) and are told “you paid for VIP training and one on one support.”  Actually, if you were charged, extra fees for “upgrades” you had additional unnecessary money –“stolen” (??)– from you with your permission, authorizing the sale.  Deny it Rory!  This while others who call in before they pay at the portal, at all, are congratulated because they have a free ride coming since they called, instead of throwing money away. They are ushered straight into a PBS for $87.95.  Rory R.I.C.O.

Anchor offers?  Anchor offers, as the writer knows now, are the business, the writer doubting organic search claims.  Like Sears, Nordstrom, Penny’s, Macy’s etc, “anchor stores” keep the Sun Glass Spot and all the other smaller stores alive, the Anchor Offers keep the blog alive.  Essentially on life support.  Without the necessary cash flow there is no business here, short term.  DC Cellars (reputable un-involved third party wine distributor), Valentus (Weight loss Coffee … instant coffee @ 59.00/can???)  Long term there is money in a successful blog, short term one must do the anchors (at least the wine) for full acceptance into the lead opportunity.

Wine program offers good cash up front for sale of either premium or elite package.  Trello, leads list.  John Doe got me through the door as soon as I bought the wine package as a distributor a couple weeks after I bought the PBS.  A two minute warm up leading to an eleven minutes long sales presentation, video.  Then Bam, upside the head, close in a deal with someone they don’t even know for hundreds of dollars on the web.  No?  No, did not sell a one working the leads in group 20.

Consequently, after pounding the phone for nearly a month, I told John Doe this cannot work.  These people responded to adds wanting to start an online business, not write a $ 250.00 or $ 500.00 check to strangers on the internet.

Because my one on one support does not support his students, this writer became frustrated and let loose with his command of sailor language on the Skype chat.  Natosha responded by reprimand and removal of the writer from the Trello lead board.  Ignoring students is OK after all the promises, but don’t you dare cuss or complain.

Informed Rory through Facebook messenger and his personal Email of my utter frustration not getting help setting up my site.  Consequently, he responded.  He asked me about the process and the flow.  Process is bringing the leads along to getting the PBS and the flow is getting them modifying their site and getting that wine distributorship.  Consequently, Mary, one of the regular training call instructors, boldly stated she spends 80% of her time with students in the anchor offers.  So if you own a PBS and are being ignored, now you know why.

GOYA (Short for Get Off You A$$)
Rory told me he wanted to get me further along into Goya.  He asked me if I knew “the flow”, then brand new.  I told him I had read it all a couple of times and watched the videos.  Yes. Then I was invited to a new Goya Board in Trello.  This board has information cards on every lead in the system.  Each day new leads are added and every week there is a new board.  The Goya Game they call it.  JTL or Jump The Lead is the way it is played.  Name, number, address, Email address etc., are on the cards.  Contact them and put your picture on the card

The point is to bring them through the “process” to get them into a PBS.  The one who gets the lead into PBS becomes their one on one support.  The cards then move to the A-Team board to get them in process.  One and on half hour training session to get them into Computta, Xceltrip, Coinbase,, (owned by Rory) and these being the affiliates where the links are created.

Anyone who gets this far receives the Zoiper phone for incoming customer service calls.  Job one in these calls is to turn the leads who want their refund around through the BRT (Building Relationship of Trust).  First week on incoming calls made the top ten PBS sales list.  The following week had to slow it down to learn to keep everything organized.  Getting many more students by then. So staying on top of it all was very hard.  This writer’s wife was amazed he was so successful at turning them around from refund to “leads in the process.”

The third week this writer closed seven PBS sales, however, Pay Pal was not approving them all.  Pay Pal told one of those struggling with entry, the problem was on rrr247’s end.  Is the Goya game rigged?  Those who buy the PBS then enter “the flow” which is “cult speak” for get them into the wine program since Rory benefits from every sale or distributorship.  Fifty nine dollar cans of instant coffee too.  Any takers?

Sitting in front of the silent computer screen for hours, everyday, for several days turning into weeks was the final experience with John Doe. John Doe has added 42 people to the wine down line of the author in September and October.  That’s what he’s interested in.  Personally sponsoring people into the wine program for the fast start bonus.  He does not have time for annoying training sessions.

Rory sent his big training guy to manage the writer who had made waves, informing all he had been ignored by John Doe.  All by the way, documented in Skype with much dialog from them all.  Including the dialog(s) of the end of this writer’s association with the “lifetime membership in the network” he was unceremoniously removed from access to the Trello boards ending his access to his students and their information.  All of this the result of the customer service complaint by an abusive unfortunate who thought he could get access to a million dollar business posting a few links for $ 77.00  When the writer revealed the further requirement for $ 87.95 for the PBS, the unfortunate went further ballistic accusing and abusing and demanding his money back, right now, right now.  That call lasted for a long time the lead abusing the writer verbally the entire time.

The writer had become impatient by then, being called a scammer and the like.  Not very gently, the writer placed the information card in the refund column.  He told the guy that was what he was authorized to do.  More abuse!  Then the guy called in a couple more times complaining and calling the writer out before all on Goya, the abuser complaining he did not want to work with the writer.  The others wrote all this on the card for all to see.  Slander is what it is called.

So a couple days later the writer was suddenly removed from the 4th Quarter A-Team board, the Current Goya Game Board then after telling Rory, don’t ask me to take anymore incoming calls, due to the slander.  The writer received a text from Rory informing he would receive a conference call from Rory and Boris to discuss all of this.

When the phone call did not come the writer composed a short message to his students and leads.  The message informed them they do not own any business.  They operate at the whim of Boris and Rory.  Further, their efforts can be done away with at any time. All true!  The Narcissist Rory then reacted with “after all I have done for you” martyrdom and informed the writer he had ended his ability to participate in rrr247.  But that is what was paid for.  His $ 500.00 guarantee is worthless.

The only person that has any guarantee for ongoing business at rrr247 i.e. is Rory and his “life time membership” in the “network” ends whenever he so decides.  So, if you are in a job you don’t like you can delude yourself.  Start a rrr247/ business, however, realizing you can build there and have it all swept away.  Getting rid of a bad work situation or abusive boss might end in the guy who would not provide the promised one on one support to begin with gaining all your students for his own, as happened here.  That is Rory’s Rickshaw in camera, from an insider.

The writer notes, if you already know how to modify a website for SEO and Readability, have the additional funds for the anchor offers and sales talent enough to sell cans of instant coffee for $ 59.00 this might be for you.